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PTT Townhall Update

The Pastoral Transition Team (PTT) held a Townhall Event on September 19th at 6 PM. The event was a success with 250 in attendance in person and 100 online. We estimate that 400-450 people took part in the Town Hall event. We listed the main points from the PTT update given at the event in a document called PTT Town Hall Event Update 9-19-2021.docx. It is posted in the PTT Meeting Minutes & Documents section of this website.

The Town Hall event provided a thorough update on PTT activities to date. The delivered remarks and the discussion with our church family covered a lot of ground. We discussed our ongoing communication plans, gave an overview of the church survey results, provided an update on the church profile document we are building to use with candidates, provided an overview of where we stand on the actual transition process to hand off the baton from Pastor Tim to the new pastor, and discussed the actual search process to include three options the PTT recommends we consider prayerfully (an Internal Search Team, External Search Team and a Hybrid Search approach involving an internal review sub-committee and an external search team to find candidates to consider).

We encourage everyone to read that document. It will provide a solid understanding of the issues we currently are working through and the plans we have laid out to the congregation. It also discussed what we are going to do over the next 3-6 months.

Thank you to all who came out or watched the proceedings online. Your questions made for a lively discussion, and we hope our answers and stated information was helpful to all and furthered your understanding of where we are in the process. You may watch the whole event by clicking on the link listed in the first section of this website. God bless.

PTT minutes 083021

Minutes from 08/30/2021

  • Call to Order


  • Roll Call
    • Present: Jeffrey Crick, Kelly Gates, Ross Nelson, Bob Bumgarner, Sunil Kuchipudi, Dustin Kanady, Michael Osborne
    • Absent: Meghan Blood (Vacation)
  • Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved. Minutes will be approved electronically moving forward.

  • Order of Business
    • Reports of Officers and Committees:
      • Chairman/Secretary:
  • Church Profile update (see below for details)
      • Vice-chairman: Update on finance committee:
  • Confirmed good idea to have the sit-down.
  • Let them know we could have 2 lead pastors on payroll for up to 1 year. They expressed no issues with this approach.
  • Questions expressed about other expenses involved in the search. Campus updates, housekeeping etc.
  • Bob – how do we determine how long the dual roles will last? Still need to map out the milestones of the process.
  • Personnel committee coming up next. (tentatively late September)
      • Communication Working Group:
  • Update on Town Hall event (see below)
      • Documentation Working Group
  • Present survey analysis to date.
      • Transition Plan Working Group: Add a liaison from the older demographic.  Lead liaison: male and female to be appointed by him.
      • Pastoral Search Working Group: Send an email to each search firm the day after the town hall, set follow up meetings with each (first week of October).
    • Old Business
      • Review of action items from previous meeting.
  • Communication Group: Kelly G.; Michael O.
  • Survey and Church Profile: Dustin K.
  • Transition Plan Working Group: Jeff Crick/Meghan Blood
  • Pastoral Search Working Group: Dustin Kanady/Michael Osborne
    • New Business
      • Discuss Church Profile –
        • Dustin to regroup with authors of each section to discuss expected format.
        • Outline of profile to be cleaned up (removal of duplicate or overlapping sections).
        • Dustin to handle editing the profile to have one voice
        • Dustin to reach out about getting updated cover page of Church Profile (new image/graphic)
      • Discussed Townhall Event in Detail (September 19th) (Kelly Gates)
        • Bios have been received for the panelists. Bob to send his soon.
        • Panelists: Bob Bumgarner, Craig Culbreath, Neal, Jeff & Dustin.
        • Moderators – Kelly & Michael
        • Mic runners – Meghan, Sunil and Ross
        • Social at Pavilion 5:15pm
        • Town Hall starts 6pm (ends approx. @ 8pm)
        • Event to be live streamed from Main sanctuary or Building A – discuss with IT team – Kelly.
        • Pastor Tim will open and close the event.
        • Questions: Bob shared preliminary questions for consideration.  Should provide opportunity for members to submit questions before the event via email or website.
        • Jonathan to include the Town Hall event details in the Sunday announcements (Service and Connect Groups)
        • Schedule a session for the panelists to get together to review submitted questions (Kelly)
      • Executive Pastor

        • Executive Pastor will be resigning in October to go to the mission field
        • How does this impact the search?
  • Captured Action Items:
    • Communication Working Group: Kelly Gates/Michael Osborne
      • Continue planning for Townhall Event
    • Documentation Working Group: Ross Nelson/Sunil Kuchipudi
      • Ross and Sunil to continue working on survey analysis, classification of final open-ended question.
      • They will also complete their analysis and summarize the findings for the church profile. This information is to be available by September 30th.
      • Provide a high-level summary of survey results to share during the Town Hall event.
      • Ross to share link to the Google doc where response classifications are housed.
    • Transition Plan Working Group: Jeff Crick/Meghan Blood
      • Jeff/Dustin – Follow up with Tim prior to the town hall to clarify his expectations for the transition process.
      • Approach Pastor Ragland about filling liaison roles.
    • Pastoral Search Working Group: Dustin Kanady/Michael Osborne


  • Next Meeting Date: September 20th, 2021 @ 7 PM – Main Conference Room
    • Conflicts: Any conflicts with upcoming meeting schedule?
    • PTT Summer Meeting Schedule:
      • Sep (9/20) 7-9 PM – PTT Meeting
    • Other scheduled events: N/A
      • Next Meeting – Schedule for Devotionals
        • September (9/20): Dustin Kanady
    • Upcoming Speakers: N/A
      • Note – Bob Bumgarner will attend our meetings going forward as our consultant to help review materials and give guidance.
  • Closing Prayer & Devotional – Sunil – Devotion – Psalm 103. Character of God, praise the Lord with everything in us.  Remember what He does for us.
  • Meeting was closed at 9:00 PM.

Job Opportunity

We’re looking for people with servant hearts, strong interpersonal and team skills, a working knowledge of Microsoft products and a heart for making disciples to join our team. We are currently accepting applications servant-hearted people for full- and/or part-time positions on our ministry support team. Based on your skills and abilities, you’ll support one or more of our ministry teams as they seek to make disciples, grow leaders, steward resources and expand the ministry.

Please fill out the application and return to Michelle Ford

If you have additional question, please feel free to contact Michelle via email or in the church office (904) 287-0996.

Pastor Transition Team – 09012021

The Pastoral Transition Team (PTT) met on Monday, August 30, 2021. Discussion points included:

  • Communication Working Group: The Upcoming Townhall Event – On September 19th at 5:15 PM the church, in support of the PTT, will be holding a Townhall Event to give all congregants a chance to take part in the pastoral transition process. This is your chance to ask questions of a panel of experts and appointed PTT and church staff members concerning the path the PTT is on, and the steps we have taken to date. We encourage anyone interested in taking part to either send their questions through the PTT website ahead of time to the following email address:, or to come out and ask your questions directly in the Townhall forum. The PTT will treat all questions sent through the website as anonymous questions. The PTT will combine the questions on the same topics and air them at the Townhall Event. This event will be live streamed so anyone not able to attend can still take part and follow the proceedings.
  • Documentation Working Group: The Church Survey – The ongoing analysis of the church survey is still underway. The Documentation Working Group is making great progress on the summarizing and presentation of the findings. The panel members for the Townhall Event on September 19 will share some of the findings with the audience. In addition, the church profile document is also well underway. The PTT will be completing the document by the end of October but no later than early November of this year. The church staff have been very cooperative and prompt in their submissions for the various areas they handle to date. The PTT is placing their input into the church profile outline developed by the PTT. Many thanks to the Executive Pastor for shepherding the writing of various sections assigned by the PTT to church staff members for completion.
  • Transition Working Group: The Transition Timeline – The transition timeline is still in flux as the PTT works out the details with Pastor Tim and timed to coincide with the pastoral search. There will be more on this after the PTT holds discussions with the Stewardship and Personnel Committees, as well as Pastor Tim and the Executive Pastor. Discussions are already underway on some aspects of the transition and progress is being made.
  • The Pastoral Search Working Group – The PTT is close to deciding on how they will conduct the actual search. The PPT will discuss the tentative plan for the search at the Townhall Event on September 19th. Leading the discussion will be the chairman for the PTT, the Vice-Chairman of the PTT and notable panelists from the Florida Baptist Convention and the Jacksonville Baptist Association. In addition, the PTT discussed adding a liaison to our seasoned congregants to make sure they have a voice in the process. And we discussed how we will stand-up an internal subcommittee to the PTT to help vet resumes for pastoral candidates.

We encourage everyone to come out and participate in the Townhall event on September 19th, 2021 at 5:15 PM in the main sanctuary. It is your opportunity to voice your opinions and receive answers to your most important questions and concerns. Everyone should have a vested interest in selecting our next pastor! We look forward to packing out the church with a lot of interested congregants. Put it on your calendar!


PTT 072721

The Pastoral Transition team has been hard at work. The survey was a success and generated a lot of data that is currently being sifted through, categorized, and summarized for inclusion in the church profile document that will be used to inform candidates when the search begins who have an interest and feel called to the role of senior pastor at FCBC. The church profile document is also being worked on. The Executive Pastor is shepherding the writing of various sections assigned by the PTT to staff members for completion. That will be completed by August 20th. At that time, the PTT Documentation Working Group will also be completing their work for the church profile to summarize survey findings and demographic information collected for the church and its surrounding area. That will all be included in this church profile document.

Townhall Event: On September 19th at 5:15 PM we will be holding a Townhall Event to give all congregants that have an interest in participating a chance to ask questions of a panel of experts and appointed PTT members concerning the path the PTT is on and the steps that have been taken to date. We encourage anyone interested in participating to either submit their questions through the PTT website ahead of time to the following email address: or to come out and ask your questions directly in the Townhall forum. In the PTT’s webpage you will find multiple places where you can submit a question. All the questions that come through the website will be treated as anonymous questions that will be aired at the Townhall Event. This event will also be live streamed so anyone not able to attend can still participate and follow the proceedings.

The Townhall event will kick off at 5:15 PM on September 19, 2021 with a Meet and Greet with refreshments for about 45 minutes. You will be able to speak to the PTT members at that time in the pavilion area ahead of the actual Townhall Event. The actual forum for the questions will begin at 6 PM and run for approximately two hours. Childcare will be provided by the church. Some of the subjects we will be discussing in depth are the process to date the PTT is following, the missions of each working group established to conduct the transition, the timeline established for the transition, the actual search for a new pastor, the timing and methods we wish to employ to successfully find a suitable pastor; and the transition process that will take the form of a side-by-side handoff between Pastor Tim and the new senior pastor. We will also share some of the survey results with the congregation.

We encourage everyone to come out and participate in this most important event in the life of the church. It is your opportunity to voice your opinions, be heard and receive answers to your most important questions and concerns. We look forward to packing out the church with a lot of interested congregants. Place September 19, 2021 at 5:15 PM on your calendars!!

PTT Update 062821

Thank you to all who participated in the Pastoral Transition Team’s church survey, and to all the FCBC staff and PTT team members who contributed to the survey’s development and dissemination. The survey was a great success! We closed out the survey on June 27th with 746 online responses and several hard copy responses. Those hard copy responses will be folded into the online survey data including any comments received to give us a final, complete number of survey returns. The PTT is now moving into the analysis phase of the survey and will be culling through the results to identify trends while gaining insight into the responses provided by the congregation. That data will then be summarized in the church profile document we are working on which will hopefully be complete, or mostly complete, prior to our September 12th Townhall Event.

The Townhall Event is the next major portion of our communication campaign with the church to allow you all to participate in an open forum panel discussion on subjects and concerns you may want to address related to the process of searching for, finding, calling and confirming a new candidate for our senior pastor role. We will have six panelists to field your questions. Those panelists will consist of the chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Pastoral Transition Team (Dustin Kanady and Jeffrey Crick), the Executive Director of the Florida Baptist Convention (FBC), Tommy Green (member of FCBC); a senior consultant from the FBC, Craig Culbreth (member of FCBC), Bob Bumgarner of the Jacksonville Baptist Association who is functioning in a consultant role to the PTT during this process, and a consultant from the external search company being engaged by the PTT on behalf of FCBC to conduct the actual search for a senior pastor candidate. Be on the lookout for other promotional information on this event. I highly encourage people to come and attend, as well as participate in the discussion. We will give the congregation a chance to ask questions through a portal ahead of time as well as live from the floor of the main sanctuary during the event.

Thank you again for your support to this point of the process. Please continue to pray for us as we certainly need and desire the power of prayer interjected into the process as well as our continuing decisions and deliberations.


Dustin Kanady, PTT Chairman

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