Month: September 2014


Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray my Cuisinart to keep.
I pray my stocks are on the rise. And that my analyst is wise.
That racquetball won’t get too tough, That all my sushi’s fresh enough.
I pray my iPhone 6 still works, That my career won’t lose its perks;
My microwave won’t radiate; My condo won’t depreciate.
I pray my health club doesn’t close. And that my money market grows
If I go broke before I wake I pray my Volvo they won’t take.

This little poem offered by Steve Farrar outlines a problem for each of us today. It begs the question, “What is really most important to you in life?”  What are you priorities…what’s in first place?

We can find over and again in the Scriptures references to getting first things first, of not getting our priorities out of order, of “seeking first” the Kingdom of God, of following first the Commission of Jesus, and loving God first and best.

Priorities are important.  The little poem above captures just about every misplaced priority we could imagine, but I’m sure there are a few that may challenge you that didn’t get mentioned.

The process of correcting priorities BEGINS with an awareness of what we are REALLY seeking with our lives.  And we use two ways to communicate what we are REALLY about:  Our TIME, and our MONEY.  Where does your time go…where does your money go?  I’ll answer for us all:

to that which is most important to us.

Where is the challenge for you today?  Things?  Work?  Bills?  Family?  House?  Cars?  Boats?  Or can you honestly say, “I am seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness?”  That is where priorities begin to get rightly ordered. And then, “all these other things” can find their proper place in your life.


Tedashii @ Fruit Cove

If you missed it, we ran a video in worship this morning flashing back to Friday, September 12 when we hosted Tedashii in concert. 600 students in our community heard the gospel and this clip gives you an idea of the energy and passion in the presentation.

It may not be your idea of worship music, but it’s a genre embraced by our teens and offers a message of Real Hope in a Real World. That’s the hope found in Jesus.

Here’s a sample of the message Tedashii delivers with the lyrics from “Need it Daily.”

“Need It Daily”
(feat. PRo)

Don’t get confused baby
Don’t get confused [x4]

[Verse 1: Tedashii]
The gospel got me so good, I call it super straight
Was lame till He came, I know that you relate
Was dead to Him but lead to Him, He rejuvenates
Still can’t believe He caught me up, yea elevated
That’s how I know He got me, His love is never endin’
And that’s just like the Gospel
It’s for sure is never pending
Not just from my beginning,
Keeps me until I’m finished
Takes me way beyond the grave. I’m saved, eternal livin’

This goes beyond conversion, this gift just keeps on giving
Iad it makes no sense to start and stop. Now pop that clutch and shift it’
I’m hoping you don’t miss it, this here is target practice.
I’m asking, “What good are Beats By Dre if you can’t grasp this? ”
(Hah, uh-uh) That ain’t even right man
Play it to the left of lust, mental pics, tight frame
You crop it like a close-up, then chop it like the chorus
I’m tryna take you deep, call it Blacklight, mayne

Aye this that good news music,
We call it Gospel [x3]
Don’t get confused baby
It’s what He used to save me
It’s what He used to keep me
(I, I, I) I need it daily
(You, You, You) You need it daily
(We, we, we) We need it daily
(They, they, they) They need it daily
(I) Yeah I need it daily
(They, they they) Yeah I need it daily
(You, you, you) You need it daily
(We, we, we) We need it daily
They need it daily

[Verse 2: PRo]
Boy let’s get it clear, from the Lord’s wrath I’m saved
Yeah I’m gucci mayne, no Waka Flocka Flame
So secure in the Lord, no frontin’ for people
Cause you can die stuntin’ (Die stuntin’)
Evil Kenevil
In this New Jack City hold the world loosely
His Word keep callin’ me, I’m itchin for it, call me Pookie
Satan try to trap us like “Go pursue sin”
I’m like “Silly rabbit, Trixs are for kids.”
I know only in Christ we gon’ be free
Through His blood we’ve been redeemed
Them chains no longer holdin’ me (Soooo)
Clique for the squad, for the love of God, boy we rollin’ 40 Deep (and)
When I want to run the love of the son through the Helper, get a hold of me (see)
Christ died for us, we’ll say He’s a church fan
I’m talkin’ Gospel, minus the church fan
I’d be a fool minus the Lord’s hand
So I’m wrapped around His finger like a wedding band


Grace through faith
Yo pro
They need it daily
It’s the gospel
This why we good (Oh)

I’m good, I’m good
Let’s get that understood
The Gospel got me right for life, that’s right that’s what it do
I’m good, I’m good
Let’s get that understood
The Gospel got me right for life, that’s right that’s what it do

I’m good, I’m gucci. Aye, yeah that’s what it do [x4]

Thank you from El Shaddai Ministries

Dear Pastor Tim,

We pray all is well with you in the Lord. We would like to personally thank you for helping us for the past school year. Many children brought their report cards to say thank you and they were excited that they had the privilege of going to school this past year. We just would like you to know that we could not have sent the children to school without your prayers and financial support. Please extend our gratitude to the church body for us. We would appreciate your continued prayers.

Again thank you very much. We so appreciate what you have done for us. In our prayers, we ask that the Lord help you to realize that your prayers and financial support truly matters to the work of the Lord in El Shaddai. Thank you so much! God bless you!

“The end of the world is coming soon.  Therefore; be earnest and disciplined in your prayers.”

—1 Peter 4:7

Please direct donations for El Shaddai Ministries to:

Marie K. Prinvil & Elizabeth Clackler, Servants of the Lord Jesus-Christ


The Genuineness of Our Profession

The parable we call the good Samaritan which Jesus told addresses the issue of the genuineness of our profession….the truth of our religious practice. (James 2:15-17)  In fact I believe there are three kinds of people talked about in this parable:

1) The thief.  What’s yours is mine, and I’m going to take it.

2) The selfish. What’s mine is mine, and I’m going to keep it.

3) The giver.  What’s mine is God’s, and I’m going to give it.

Your life orientation is found in one of those scenarios.  You are either taking from others what doesn’t belong to you, or you are keeping from others what could be a blessing out of self-preservation, or you are giving to others because God has put someone in your path for which you can make a difference.

Our church is voluntarily affiliated with three mission organizations….one called the Jacksonville Baptist Association, another called the Florida Baptist Convention, and the third is called the Southern Baptist Convention.  The Jacksonville Association helps us stayed focused on local ministry needs.  The SBC helps us see the nations and send people and go ourselves to the uttermost parts of the earth as Jesus commanded.  The Florida Baptist Convention helps us mobilize to meet the needs of our State.  Why do we partner with them?

In addition to reaching out to churches through giving low interest loans to rebuild after disaster,  the convention also mobilizes Disaster Relief units to areas hit by natural disasters.  We reach out to neighboring nations like Cuba and Haiti Brazil and the Cayman Islands to help plant churches and meet needs there.  We are engaged in partnerships with unreached states like West Virginia and Nevada and Indiana.  The convention’s ministry helps us reach out to migrant families who work the farms and fruit crops here in the State, and provides camps and ministries for their children…including Haitian, Korean, and Hispanic camps.

In recent years, Florida Baptist churches have been called to reach out to the prison population around our state not only by going behind the walls of the prisons but by developing ministries once the inmates are released back into society.  The Florida Baptist  missions strategy also includes ministries of church-based health care and a mobile dental clinic that targets urban centers and low-income areas.

These are ministries that are driven by  one reality:  God has put them in your path….and mine.  We have to help them.  We have the second largest lost population in America …largely centered in Miami and other urban centers across our State.   Just a little commercial but a big ASK to request that you to be generous in what you place in the envelope entitled McGuire State Mission offering.  It will go to help those bleeding alongside our highways and byways in Florida.

We can’t pass them by and do nothing.


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