Next Steps

Next Steps

I’ve just come for the first time. What should I do?
Fill out a connection card. Go to the Welcome Center. Or send us an email at Fruit Cove Baptist Church

I’ve just trusted Jesus for the first time. What’s next?
Use a connection card or talk to one of our pastors about baptism, call the church office, or email us at Fruit Cove Baptist Church

I want to get into a healthy community. How do I join?
Come to our Connecting Class. Find out more info at Connecting Class

I need friends to grow with. How do I plug in?
Come to the Welcome Center to get info on our Sunday School class and MidWeek small groups or check out Sunday School Listing to find a class/group.

I’d like to get involved and volunteer. Where do I start?
Let us reach out to you and hear about your passion and help you find the right spot. Or attend a PLACE class when it is offered. Simply call or email the church office. Check out serving options in our Ministry Guide

I want to give money to the church. How do I give?
Sunday morning during worship, place in one of the on-campus drop boxes, bring in to the church office, or online through

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