Weekday Preschool

at Fruit Cove

Weekday Preschool Ministry

Welcome to the Weekday Preschool program of Fruit Cove Baptist Church.
Fruit Cove Baptist Church sponsors this weekday preschool program as a church ministry because we value children and believe in families. We provide a learning environment that helps preschoolers grow as Jesus grew:  And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. – Luke 2:52


Fruit Cove Baptist Weekday Preschool (FCBWP) is recognized as a Gold Seal State licensed preschool, and as an early care and education program exemplifying excellence in the care of young children through the National Association of Child Care Professionals (NAC). NAC accreditation benefits everyone involved. Parents are assured that FCBWP meets standards that exceed the necessary minimums for licensing, the staff of FCBWP benefits from professional development and the children enrolled at FCBWP have an environment conducive to their individual growth and development.


The purpose of the weekday preschool program is to support the home and extend the ministry of the church 
by providing biblically based, age-appropriate education for preschoolers. It is this preschool’s mission to share God’s love and purpose with the children and their families.

A child develops mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. We are committed to providing biblically based, age-appropriate experiences. This allows each child to progress in these areas at his/her own ability while enjoying feelings of success. This is primarily done through hands-on activities in learning centers.


The Weekday Preschool teachers use the biblically based Wee Learn (Lifeway) curriculum for daily instruction. Preschoolers are active learners; they learn through their senses. Allowing them to make choices and explore a wide variety of activities facilitates the learning process. To use this curriculum, teachers set up learning centers which contain activities that teach the theme. Preschoolers are not required to participate in every activity, but are encouraged to choose activities that are of interest. As children choose and experience success in these activities, their sense of worth is enhanced.  We also provide weekly resource classes that include music, library as well as science


We provide two teachers in each classroom. We strive to keep low ratios so that teachers are able to provide individual attention for maximum learning.


Upon enrollment, parents pay a non-refundable registration fee of $160.00 for non-church members or $140.00 for church members. Addition children registered in the same family is $100.00. This registration fee is utilized for new toys, equipment, supplies, and supplemental insurance. The registration fee also guarantees your child a space in our program. Parents receive a $10 tuition discount for each additional child enrolled in non-VPK classes. For VPK students a $200 suggested donation as state funds do not cover all expenses to carry out our Nationally Accredited Program. Contact the Weekday Preschool to schedule a tour of the facilities and check the availability of our classes.

Click here for child enrollment packet


2023/2024 School Year Registration Dates:

  • Church Members: January 6, 2023, at 9:30a.m.
  • Returning Students: January 13, 2023.
  • New Students: January 20, 2023, at 8:00a.m.

2023/2024 Tuition Rates:

Registration fee-$160 (Church Members-$140)

                  ***$100 each additional child

Monday-Friday VPK-Free-No Registration Fee-

A suggested donation for VPK students: $200.00 as state funds do not cover all expenses to carry out our Nationally Accredited Program.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday:          $300   

Tuesday/Thursday:                           $230

Monday-Friday Non VPK Pre-K:    $455

One Year Old Program:                    $175(T or W only)

**Monthly $10.00 discount for each additional child.  This discount only applies for parents with 2 or more non-VPK preschoolers.


When possible, it is the desire of Fruit Cove Baptist Weekday Preschool to provide an inclusive classroom environment for children requiring special accommodations. The Weekday Preschool works in conjunction with parents and their child’s therapists to provide the best learning environment for the individual child. Much research has shown that children with mild to moderate special needs learn best by interaction with typical developing children through modeling and socialization.


“Fruit Cove Weekday program has been the best place for both of my kids. The smiles and hugs I receive minister volumes to me as a mom. My children are safe and genuinely know of God’s love through the staff.”
Kim A.

“Our Family is grateful for Fruit Cove Baptist Weekday Preschool. The school approaches all education from a Biblical worldview. Our children have thrived in the loving, structured atmosphere.” 
Kristen D.

“Words can’t describe what Fruit Cove Baptist Weekday Preschool means to me. I have three children who have attended in the past with a 3 year old currently there. I love hearing about her day when I pick her up, from what she did on the playground, to what she read in the library, what she sang in music and what she learned in science. Not only is she being taught education, but she is also learning about God in every part of the day. My older children definitely went in to school with a jump start on their education, knowing a lot of things you typically learn in your kindergarten year. The teachers and staff at Fruit Cove are amazing – always loving, friendly and eager to talk to you about your little one and their accomplishments. Fruit Cove Baptist Weekday Preschool is definitely the place you want your child to be!”
Kelly H.

Toni Gellerstedt

Weekday Preschool Director

Lic # C07SJ0054
501 SR 13, Jacksonville, FL 32259

Operating Hours: 9:15am – 1:00pm