Men’s Ministries

at Fruit Cove

Fruit Cove Men

  • Bible studies for Men on Wednesday evenings
  • Mission Trips
  • Radical Mentoring groups
  • Breakfast and Coffee Small Groups
  • Prison Ministry
  • SportsLife events: fishing, softball, golf tournaments and evening golf leagues during the summer

 Men’s Ministry Opportunities

Men’s Retreat, September 22-23

Make plans to join us at Lake Yale in Leesburg for our Men’s Retreat. Cost is $125/pp and covers lodging, 3 meals and programming. 

Friday, September 22

  •  check in – gazebo (3-5PM)
  •  dinner – dining hall
  •  weekend intro – maguire south 
  •  hang time w pastor heath – maguire south
  •  session one – maguire south (guest speaker)
  •  bonifre – fire pit main dock

Saturday, September 23

  •  devotion/prayer time/ prayer walk – main dock (optional for early risers)
  •  breakfast – dining hall
  •  personal devotion and prayer time – on your own
  •  team building – begins at volleyball courts
  •  clean up and check out – cypress
  •  lunch – dining hall
  •  session two – maguire south  (guest speaker)
  •  head home (2PM)

Our Guest Speaker will be Mike Reed, Missional Strategist for First Coast Churches. 

Mike has served as the Missional Strategist for Community Engagement with First Coast Churches since February, 2018. Mike Reed has over 58 years of ministry experience in a variety of roles. He has served as a church staff member or pastor of churches in Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

In 1980, he and Carolyn, his late wife, founded Toccoa Wilderness Ministries, a Christian outdoor adventure program. He served as director of TWM from 1980 until 2006. In his spare time, he enjoys walking, mountain biking, and watching SEC football.

Register at Men’s Retreat

  • Radical Mentoring

    • Purpose/Goals: The focus of this ministry is on men of all seasons and stages of life who are looking to grow spiritually and develop meaningful relationships with other Christian men and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Since 2010, Radical Mentoring has mentored over 14,000 men through over 400 churches through over 2,000 mentor groups. Of those 14,000 men, 96% say their walk with the Lord improved. 95% say they experienced authentic Christian community, many for the first time. 90% say that their marriage relationship improved – the divorce rate among those who have gone through the program is 2.5% nationally.

Meetings are once a month. Mentors work with 3-6 men a couple of seasons in life behind them and mentor them through this program for 9-12 months. Activities include assigned reading and focused discussions, memorizing verses, a growth assignment each month and accountability discussions.

We are looking for men who are potential leaders, open minded in search of direct feedback, malleable and capable of change, humble and hungry for personal growth, committed followers of Jesus Christ, and men who are willing to pay it forward and influence the next generations coming up behind them. Our next Radical Mentoring groups will launch in late summer/early fall this year.

  • FC Men – MidWeek

    • Purpose/Goals: The purpose of the FC Men’s Discipleship Ministry is to:
      • Equip men to become more like Christ in every aspect of their lives
      • Build Christ centered relationships between men at FCBC through Bible study
      • Build disciples of the men engaged in the ministry and equip them to disciple other men
      • Engage in ministry events to supply opportunities for men to serve others

  • For More Information Contact: Rick Ashby
  • Contact Information: Mobile: (904) 687-3693;

  • Disciple Making Groups (D-Groups) Ministry

    • Purpose/Goals: Are you ready for more out of their walk with Christ? Do you long for a Christ-centered small group that challenge and encourage you in living out the Gospel? Do you want to apply and respond to the Word instead of feeling intimidated or confused? Are you looking for “The CrossFit of Ministries”, to develop spiritual strength and reproducible results that you can share with others? Then take the next step by joining a D-group.

D-groups are discipleship groups, where a committed group of men or women gather regularly to read and memorize scripture, hold each other accountable, and pray for one another; all for the purpose of growing closer to and magnifying God with the humble, prayerful hope of affecting change in their own families and communities by making disciples. By joining a D-group, you will grow in your faith and understanding of Jesus and then go out and reach your world for Christ! D-groups are different from Connect or Mid-week groups. D-groups are small close groups by design.

 Pre-qualifications to register for a D-group. You must be: 1) Faithful to reading and memorizing scripture, 2) Available to meet weekly for 12-18 months, and 3) Trainable, with a desire to grow spiritually. Please pray in Christ Jesus about what role God wants you to play in this vital part of our mission to grow into the image of Christ and make disciples for Him.

  • For More Information Contact: Oscar Pagan-Santana 
  • Contact Information: Main Office Number: (850) 532-4176; Email:

  • James Gang Ministry (Sponsored by the FCBC Deacons)

    • Purpose/Goals: The purpose of the James Gang is to supply minor home repair, yard work, or handy-man services for people that can’t afford to have work performed by a contractor or are unable to do the work themselves. The type of work we can do is carpentry, electrical, minor home repair, yard work, and miscellaneous work around the house/yard. We are not able to do any projects that require a permit. If you need help, please contact the James Gang as we are at your service.

  • For More Information Contact: Dale Jessup
  • Contact Information: Mobile: (904) 753-8982; Email:

  • Tomoka Prison Ministry

    • Purpose/Goals: Each week a group of men from Fruit Cove Baptist church go to Tomoka prison to minister to the inmates. We pray for the men and offer spiritual guidance through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We offer Bible studies and disciple training. Most of these men are doing long sentences. In a lot of cases, their families rejected them. As volunteers for the Florida Department of Corrections the most meaningful thing we do is to listen to their concerns and encourage them to trust in the Lord. Our purpose is to fulfill their spiritual needs. That is our sole purpose. Come out and join us.

  • For More Information Contact: Rodney Ingram
  • Contact Information: Mobile: (904)403-3807; Email:

  • The Gideons International Ministry

    • Purpose/Goals: We are a body of believers dedicated to making the Word of God available to everyone and, together with the local church, reaching souls for Christ. Today, we have taken more than 2 billion Scriptures in more than 95 languages to 200 countries, territories, and possessions across the globe. We exist as an advocate for the lost, to bring them the saving knowledge of the Word through not only placing and distributing Scriptures, but also through personal witnessing and by associating together for service. As a united force for the Gospel, we remain rooted in tradition, but we operate under the firm belief that anyone can be a valuable asset to this invaluable cause. We provide many opportunities to partner with us through either prayer or financial support. Join us, and let’s spread the Good News.

  • For More Information Contact: Mark Stevens or Kyle Lindsey
  • Contact Information:

Other Service and Fellowship Opportunities for Men

  • Gospel Conversations: Three Circles Ministry

    • Purpose/Goals: There are many different methods created to share the Gospel, but one of the simplest and most effective ways to share the Gospel is the “3 Circles” method. At FCBC, the 3 Circles Ministry trains people to be more natural and comfortable when sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone. This method helps people work gospel conversations into their everyday encounters with other people regardless of where the conversation occurs. As followers of Jesus Christ, our greatest command from our Lord is the last command He gave his disciples, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20). The beginning step to making disciples of all people begins here in our own backyard by sharing the good news of the Gospel with everyone we meet. Come learn how to be a voice in the wilderness proclaiming the good news of the Gospel. (Note: This ministry is open to men and women).

  • For More Information Contact: Jeff Crick or Lance Hemmer
  • Contact Information:

  • Deacons Ministry

    • Purpose/Goals: The purpose of the Deacon Ministry at FCBC is to “Follow Christ’s example by serving church staff and congregation through prayer, leadership and active commitment to a spirit-filled ministry”. We believe that “the integrity of deacon leadership rises to and falls based on its commitment to Christ as Lord. Deacons devoted to the Lordship of Christ possess changed priorities, values and dreams.” 

The goals of the deacon ministry are: 1) For each deacon to fully understand his spiritual gifts and to use those gifts in service to the church; 2) For each deacon to seriously consider his call as one from God agreeing to fulfill all responsibilities and commitments; 3) For each deacon to be a model of the Christian man in his family, his work, his community and his church; and 4) For each deacon to support and aid the ministerial staff as they “prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Ephesians 4:12).

The term “deacon” comes from the Greek work “diakinos”. This word simply means “one who serves”. The picture of the servant we receive from the New Testament includes supporting, sharing, and sacrificing for the ministry of the gospel. The focus of the deacon ministry centers upon the fellowship of the local church. The scriptural references to deacons are in Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3.

  • For More Information Contact: John Blease
  • Contact Information:

  • SportsLife Ministry

    • Purpose/Goals: Our Upward Ministry exists to share the gospel with all participants through the sports of basketball, football and cheerleading. Men can make an impact in their community by praying, serving as gospel sharers, coaches (head and assistant) and as referees. Serving can be as simple as a one-hour commitment on a Saturday or weeknight or as much as a few hours each day. We are very flexible, and we look forward to joining with you in this fun way that the Lord is using to reach our St Johns community. (Note: This ministry is open to men and women).

  • For More Information Contact: Neil Muniz, SportsLife Minister or Ursala Darring, Ministry Assistant
  • Contact Information: Main Office Number: (904) 287-0996; Email:
  • Webpage:com/SportsLife

  • First Impressions Ministry

    • Purpose/Goals: You never get a second chance to make a first impression and that is why the First Impressions team is vital to reaching our community. A simple “hello” or “can I help you” can change our guests’ experience of Fruit Cove. Where this team serves: We serve in the Welcome Center, at the Next Steps Table, at the Information Tables, In the main sanctuary as Ushers, at entrance points to the church campus as Campus Greeters, at critical points in the parking lot as Parking Lot Traffic Guides, in Hospitality and as Parking Lot Shuttle drivers. (Note: This ministry is open to men and women).

  • For More Information Contact: Pastor Jonathan Wilson 
  • Contact Information: Main Office Number: (904) 287-0996; Email:

  • Encouragers Ministry

    • Purpose/Goals: The Encourager Ministry serves as the first, direct interface for those led to come forward during the worship invitation. You will see us down in front of the church at every worship service. Our purpose is three-fold. We serve as prayer partners for those who come forward to pray, counselors for those in need of answers about the Christian faith, and greeters for those seeking Christ who come forward to join our Church. We also guide those looking to become part of the church to find an FCBC ministry or Connect Group they can become a part of to grow their faith. (Note: This ministry is open to men and women. Couples often serve side-by-side on a Sunday).

  • For More Information Contact Lance Hemmer 
  • Contact Information: Mobile: (904) 891-1188; Email:

  • Christian Fellowship Ministry (CFM) Food Pantry

    • Purpose/Goals: A small church near the Springfield section of Jacksonville, FL runs the Christian Fellowship Ministry Food Pantry. FCBC members became connected with this dedicated ministry a little over a year ago.  Christian Fellowship Ministries support the local neighborhood through food distributions supplied from area food banks. This is an opportunity to take part in a local ministry to help those in need monthly.  The food distribution takes place on the third Saturday of each month from 8:00AM to 12:00 PM (noon).  Most FCBC volunteers serve for a 2-hour block starting at 8 am or 10 am.  Support generally includes combining a variety of food items into large bags and boxes and moving them out of the building to awaiting cars. CFM, with the support of FCBC and other local churches, strives to be a beacon light for the community and generally distributes groceries to approximately 200 families a month. Come join us! (Note: This ministry is open to men and women).
  • For More Information Contact: Tod Doane
  • Contact Information: Mobile: 904-254-3286; Email:

  • Men’s Breakfast Fellowship Opportunities

    • Dads of Middle School and High Schoolers Breakfast Fellowship Ministry
      • Purpose/Goals: On Tuesday mornings, “Dads of Middle School and High Schoolers” meet on a bi-weekly basis for encouragement, friendship, and accountability. This laid-back men’s meet-up allows an opportunity for personal relationship-building for men in this season of life within FCBC centered around the Bible. Dads in this life stage are welcome to come once, or as often as able. We meet over coffee & breakfast at Maple Street Biscuit Company in Fruit Cove on Racetrack Road for 60-90 minutes beginning @ 6:30 AM on alternating Tuesdays. Contact any of the following points of contact for the date of our next meet up or for more information on the group.

 Point(s) of Contact: Mike Spell, Tod Doane and Chris Norris

  • Deacon’s Quarterly Breakfast Event for Men

    • Purpose/Goals: The deacons will begin to sponsor a quarterly breakfast for all interested men and boys beginning in May 2022. The purpose of these breakfasts is to bring together men of all ages to discuss men’s ministry topics of interest, listen to speakers, engage in small group dialogue, and eat a lot of pancakes and other delectable breakfast foods free of charge. (You heard me right, free food!) We will keep these events interesting, lively, tasty and between 60-90 minutes! We will offer these types of events once a quarter to anyone who wishes to attend. Bring a friend!

 For More Information Contact: Tom Wynn

  • Contact Information:
    • Tom Wynn : Mobile: (904) 710-8875; Email:

Ministry Purpose

The Men’s Ministry wants to equip men to have that “real and vibrant” relationship with Jesus so that they can be the spiritual leaders of their families, impact the marketplace and provide a legacy beyond their own lifetime. 

We’d like for adults to recognize:

  • God is love and desires an intimate relationship
  • Biblical community is essential
  • We are to make disciples
  • Giving is a blessing


Download the full Discipleship Pathway

Adults can respond by:

Jonathan Wilson

Families & Missions Pastor