By 2025, we will expand our outreach by heavily investing in our online/virtual/broadcast ministry footprint

    • December 2022 Update: we are exploring opportunities to enhance our reach with radio broadcasting which has proven to be one of the most effective ways for us to reach non-churched people in our area

By 2025, we will expand our disciple-making capability by having 25 new groups formed

    • December 2022 Update: to date 20 new groups have been formed including 4 Connect Groups and 16 D-Groups

By 2025, Fruit Cove Baptist Church will expand our support of missions by:

            Partnering with twenty five new church plants. (Nationally)

        • December 2022 Update: 10 new partnerships with church plants have been established with churches in San Diego, Denver, Miami, London and Atlanta. 6 more church plant partners come online in 2023

            Engaging an unreached people group every five years. (Internationally)

        • December 2022 Update: Our church has adopted the Afar People in the Horn of Africa as a people group to pray for. There is an initial vision trip planned for February 2023 where several Fruit Cove members will travel to the region to begin identifying points of mission connection

By 2025, we will expand The Cove to be a fully self-supporting ministry offering quality Christian mental, emotional and spiritual health and recovery resources to our community.

By 2025, we will expand our local outreach by opening a new campus/church plant on our Silverleaf property on 16 and 16a. (see video below)


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