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Our Fruit Cove Preschool on-campus activities are currently open by reservation.  For Preschool World online options go here

The first five years of life are the most important in the development of a child – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  It is during those years that a foundation of faith is being laid in  the life of each child at Fruit Cove Baptist Church.

Programs & Times


Connect Groups – 9:30 & 11:00am

Preschoolers, birth-kindergarten, participate in Bible-learning activities, using LifeWay’s Bible Teaching for Kids resources.

HELP! Make a difference in the life of preschoolers by teaching. There are opportunities available at both Sunday School hours. Contact Ginna at 287-0996 or to learn more!

Worship Kidstyle – 11am *ROC Rm122

Kindergartners worship at 11am through fun music, videos, learning life application and doing arts and crafts.


Preschool Choir – 6:00 pm (during the school year)

Children love to sing and make a joyful noise. Choirs are offered for Threes, Fours, and Kindergarteners. Check in at the Preschool Welcome Desk (1st floor ROC Bldg) for your child’s room location.

Mission Friends – 6:30 pm (during the school year)

At Mission Friends, preschoolers become aware of God’s love, and they learn that others need to hear about this good news! Through praying, giving, and doing missions, preschoolers learn of missions work in North America and throughout the world.  Mission Friends classes are offered for Twos, Threes, Fours, and Kindergarteners. Check in at the Preschool Welcome Desk (1st floor ROC Bldg) for your child’s room location.

Parenting Classes – 6:15pm (during the school year)

Parenting Classes are offered during the school year as part of the church’s Wednesday night discipleship program.

New series beginning in the Fall. Click here for more info

At this time reservations are no longer necessary for Preschool & Children on Sunday mornings.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility over the past 7 months that our reservations system has been in place. Our Preschool and Children’s ministry areas were the two hardest hit church-wide when it comes to the number of people who opted out of serving due to the pandemic. As such we needed to rebuild both of these ministries. The reservations system helped us be ready for you and your children on a weekly basis.

While the reservations system is not currently needed there may be a time in the future that we will need to revert to it. But for now and the immediate following Sundays, we look forward to seeing you and your family Sunday mornings at Fruit Cove…without reservations!

-Family Ministries Team

Ministry Purpose

Beginning the journey of Partnering with Parents as they embrace the role of primary discipler of their children.

We’d like for preschoolers to recognize:

  • God made me and the world
  • God is a person
  • Jesus loves me and wants me to love others


Download the full Discipleship Pathway here

Preschoolers can respond by:

  • Hearing the Bible
  • Learning to Pray
  • Understanding Authority

Meghan Roy

Preschool Ministries Director

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