By Tim Maynard

Death defeated.
Light. Life.
Grave clothes cast aside
Stone rolled away.
Breathless running.
Breathless wonder…He’s alive?
Earthquake rumbles, veil is torn.
“He is risen, just as He said.”
Can it be?
Questions, fear, doubt.
The sun is rising; the Son has Risen!
Soldiers silenced, night of fear.
Confusion, shock, disbelief.
“He’s … Continue Reading


Jesus died. “Father, into Your hands I commit My Spirit.” The Spirit of Jesus left His earthly body. The body, placed in an earthly garden tomb, hastily wrapped for burial, waited the “what’s next” of resurrection.

There seems to be great uncertainty about where the Spirit of Jesus went when He bowed His head and … Continue Reading


“It is finished.” (John 19:30). The battle is over. The war’s last shot has been fired. Jesus was preparing momentarily to surrender the last breath of His life to the Father. Nothing was left to accomplish. “Finished.”

What a blessed word! To finish with a grueling race; to finish the long course of a graduate … Continue Reading


“Thirsty.” That’s the only word Jesus really uttered. We have added the “I.” Dehydration was one of the cruelest aspects of the cross. Long hours of exposure to the Middle Eastern sun, loss of fluids due to perspiration and severe blood loss and the simple absence of compassion that would have offered Jesus even a … Continue Reading

The Condemned Men

Two men hung alongside Jesus on this day. Condemned men. Given the practice of the Roman Empire, they were not surprised to be there. They both well knew the price of breaking the absolute law of Rome. And the price for their crimes would be extracted from their flesh.

They were dying. Perhaps their souls … Continue Reading

Woman, Behold Your Son

What mother wouldn’t go? She gave Him birth, rocked Him to sleep, changed His diaper and fed Him from her own breast. Like mothers do, she believed her Son could do no wrong. (Well, in this instance she was absolutely right!)

Her Son, this Divine gift that appeared in a womb that had never known … Continue Reading

7 Words that Shaped Eternity

If we had to choose only one word to characterize the follower of Jesus, for me that word would be “forgiven.” To be forgiven means that sin has been carried away… a debt owed has been paid in full… an injury caused has been fully restored.

To be forgiven captures the emphasis of words like … Continue Reading

Same but different

In November of 2001, I made my last trip to Moscow, Russia before moving back to the states. Moscow is a beautiful city and I always enjoyed visiting, was grateful for those called to serve there, and content to arrive back home again.

On the last night of my visit, in the cold twilight, I … Continue Reading