How’s your prayer life? Few questions can make a believer feel guiltier. We know we should pray. We know we should pray MORE. We know we should pray LONGER.

We believe in prayer. Really, we do. We admire people for whom it seems to come so naturally. We may have even made a New Year’s … Continue Reading

What’s in your heart?

Does money really matter to God? I mean, it’s just paper and some precious metals, all of which God ultimately owns anyway. So what’s the big deal about money?

Certainly God does not need our money. God is not out to “get” your finances from you. His agenda is not dependent on our financial gifts. … Continue Reading

Advent 2018 – 10

“Joy to the World! The Lord Has Come!” So go the words to one of the most beloved of our Christmas carols. While many things go into making this a season of celebration, it all centers around one of the greatest joys that can be experienced: the birth of a baby.

The Christmas season centers … Continue Reading

Advent 2018 – 09

When we are younger, Christmas seems to take FOREVER to get here. The decorations and early Christmas supplies appearing in October only seem to TEASE us as to how far away Christmas seems. But when we’re older… we can’t BELIEVE Christmas has come around already… again. And so soon!

What is it about Christmas that … Continue Reading

Advent 2018 – 08

“Yet in thy dark streets shineth, the everlasting Light.”
(from “O Little Town of Bethlehem”)

He came unto His own, but His own did not receive Him.” (John 1:11) If we could capture all of the meaning of Christmas in two words, what two words would you select? “Many gifts?” “Much chaos?” “Happy children?” “Stockings … Continue Reading

Advent 2018 – 07

So how exactly do we “see” God? The familiar carol has the statement “Veiled in flesh the godhead see, hail th’ Incarnate Deity.” (Hark the Herald Angels Sing).

The Book of Colossians, which deals a lot with the insurgency of mystery cults in the early church, presents its own mystery of a sort. Colossians 1:19 … Continue Reading

Advent 2018 – 06

Was Jesus God? This question has been the subject of thousands of volumes of theology and has occupied the thinking of brilliant people for millennia of time.

For some, Jesus was a man who was made “into” God by the early followers of Christianity. Their beliefs have become the stuff of recent novels and movie … Continue Reading

Advent 2018 – 05

“And He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17)

“That is an amazing statement. It is put in the present tense, saying that he is the One who is keeping things going right now. Stanford University is the site of a linear accelerator, a mighty two-mile long atom smasher. … Continue Reading

Advent 2018 – 04

How do we deal with a theological concept like the incarnation… the mind-boggling idea of God becoming flesh? At Christmas, we sing about it.

Singing about it celebrates the reality, but it doesn’t encompass it fully nor does it even attempt to explain it rationally. We simply utter our affirmations loudly, in hopes that… in … Continue Reading