Overcoming Anxiety 04

Anxiety can be defined in a lot of different ways. The best way to understand it is through the lens of Jesus. Worry can do a lot of things to us… it can give us sleepless nights, ulcers in our stomach, or even heart problems. As a medical condition, it can ultimately be a killer … Continue Reading

Overcoming Anxiety 03

Before we dig much deeper into our journey to overcome anxiety, let’s take a brief detour. Most people want a “quick” solution when they experience pain, frustration and anxiety. This is normal, and typical for our human condition.

However, the biblical standard for finding wholeness and change does not promise an immediate solution. Yes, there … Continue Reading

Overcoming Anxiety 02

Let me stay with the subject of “joy” for a little longer. The key, I believe, to Paul’s “formula” for overcoming worry is having a joy that is bigger than the anxieties that confront us.

Joy, if we understand it correctly, is not having everything “together” in your circumstances. It means we have a deep, … Continue Reading

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is the most commonplace disease of our day. It is not just an uncomfortable state of mind; it has become a major health crisis. While nearly 30% of diagnosed, anxiety-related illnesses have a medical or physiological root, much of our anxiety, fear and worry is something that we have been conditioned to experience.

If … Continue Reading

Happy New Year

It is hard to believe that 2017 is gone… and 2018 is now upon us. We have wrongly set up a dichotomy in our thinking and have made “new” and “old” enemies of each other.

There is nothing good about “new” in and of itself… nothing virtuous about “old.” In fact, in Jeremiah, doesn’t God … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 24

Well Christmas is almost here! All the planning, shopping, cooking, ordering online gifts… all of it finds its fruition today and the next several days. Wrapping paper will be torn and strewn about many homes. Some children and grandkids will find their treasure beneath a brightly-lit tree. Meals will be enjoyed, hopefully with much laughter … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 23

I have tried in the past to write, and reflect, and meditate, and study the amazing statement that the Apostle Paul challenged us with in Galatians 4. “For when the time was right, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law that He might redeem those who were under the … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 22

In the church we served in Kentucky, I have a vivid Christmas memory. It was in a home after Christmas had ended. I was visiting the family who lived there… precious to us. But when I arrived at their simple, cigarette smoke-filled home, I noticed that their decorations were still up. This was days after … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 21

I was told it was healthy in grief that, while honoring traditions of the past, to begin making new traditions. Already I am on that path of “recreating” some Christmas traditions for this season of my life.

Last week, our family celebrated Christmas together… in Alabama. We had Christmas… and not on Christmas Day. It … Continue Reading

The Path to Christmas 20

Istanbul is a city full of contrasts… and surprises. Visiting Turkey last year with Open Door, an organization that works with our persecuted brothers and sisters, we spent several days in the city that once divided the East from the West. It boasts some of the most pristine, church architecture in the world, some Christian … Continue Reading