Advent Day 12 – The Force is With You

“And He is before all things, and by Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

Last year for Christmas, some friends got me a globe.  This globe was different than other globes I have owned (sorry…I like globes).  The globe was plastic but was mounted on a magnetic stand…balance the plastic globe perfectly between the opposite poles of the magnet and, like magic, it floated!

I guess I’m a little simple, but it fascinated me.  Mysteriously, silently, no plugs or batteries… there it hung in mid-air.  It had a little LED light so I could come and check on it in the dark of night, and there it still floated.

Well, the magic was a bit too much for my then-three-year-old granddarlin.  She had to touch it.  And with just her light touch, the globe came smashing to the floor!  Just a little off the pull of the magnetic field and bam!  It’s all over.

Astronomers and those who study the stars and planets in the solar system tell us that the earth exists on an axis of orbit that is so precise, that life can exist.  If we moved one degree closer to our sun, we would be incinerated by the heat and solar flares.  If we moved one degree further, we would freeze to death in endless cold.

But we stay… exactly where we need to be.  How is that?  Dumb luck?  Magic?  Our text tells us exactly how this is.  “He (Jesus) is before all things, and by Him all things hold together.”

The Bible affirms that, not only were all things created by Jesus Who is “before all things,” but it also says that “by Him all things hold together….”  Jesus did not just create the world and abandon us.  It is Jesus Who holds the planets and stars in place, so the entire solar system doesn’t just end in one cosmic train wreck.  Every planet, every star, every moon,  has a precise orbit they never leave.

So, what keeps some random asteroid or chunk of space rock from slamming into earth, knocking us into a nuclear winter or into a nuclear holocaust?  The Bible says it is Jesus Who holds all things together.

This affirmation tells us that Jesus is intimately involved in every atom of creation.  Nothing escapes His care… or His sight.  What is it that keeps you and me from falling apart into a million little pieces?  He is THE FORCE that holds all things together.

Jesus.  The babe born in Bethlehem was no less than God.  And the good news is that no matter how random events of your life may seem at times…

…He cares.  You’ll make it.  You’ll hold together.  He promised!


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