Advent Day 11 – The Creator of All Things

At Christmas, we affirm a fundamental aspect of the Christian worldview:  The fact that all things were created by God.  Specifically, we are asserting that everything we see and the things that we cannot see in the spiritual realm, were created by the One whose birth we celebrate at Christmas.

Once again, this juxtaposition of Jesus as fully God and fully human comes into play.  We are asserting, essentially, that the baby Who lay in a manger in a backroad’s town named Bethlehem was the same Person Who made the manger which served as His birthplace, and the cattle which were nearby, and the mother’s body to which He was born.

“By Him were all things created… things in heaven and things on earth….”  As Christians, our worldview finds its beginning right there.  That Jesus, virgin-born, came to the earth HE created through a woman HE made to redeem people HE created.  By faith, we affirm that God created the Heavens and the Earth, and everything that is in them.

If you, out of your sense of intellectual consistency or out of an indoctrination into a philosophy that says such a thing could not possibly have happened, reject this statement of God’s creation of the heavens and the earth, then you do not operate with a Christian worldview no matter what you claim to believe.

I personally have no problem with science as a means of observing and measuring and understanding the precise function of our world and universe.  No problem whatsoever.  But when science becomes philosophy, and scientists begin to theorize about things they cannot see and measure and observe, I reject science out of hand.

The reason Jesus came was to redeem (purchase, pay a price) for that which originally belonged to Him.  He is creator, and therefore is the OWNER and the HEIR of all things, which for reasons known only in the mind of God, Jesus wishes to share with us as though we had owned it!

God is incredibly good, and at Christmas we begin to understand on a deeper level how good He really is to us!

He is the creator of all things and of all people.

Including you.


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