What is God Saying to You?

What is God saying to you?  I know that, for some, that is either a deeply personal question or one that sounds too “spooky” to take seriously.  Yet God is a God of communication.  He continuously speaks… but do we continuously listen?  Sometimes we are too busy to hear.  Oftentimes, in our noise-drenched society, we are too noisy to hear.  And other times, we are too stubborn to hear.

The first reason is a sin of misplaced priority.  The second reason is a sin of distraction.  The third is a sin of rebellion.  All rob us of blessings, wisdom, and leadership that God longs to give His children.  Like Elijah the prophet, sometimes we miss God’s voice because we think it will come in some dramatic way like a bolt of lightning, or, in Elijah’s case, like an earthquake or a hurricane.  But we must learn, as Elijah the prophet did, that God’s voice comes in “quiet stillness,” out of the deepest recesses of our heart, in places where only we and God can meet.

Do you ever listen for the voice spoken from within your own heart?  Every voice we hear in our minds is not a voice of truth, and is not even necessarily a voice that needs to be paid attention to.  And yet, in the chaos of our days, in the despair of difficult nights, in seasons of doubt and fear… God speaks.

The question is, “will we listen to what the Spirit is saying..?”



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