Missing Mail

Frank Sosienski was a postman in Louisville, Kentucky, who didn’t want to deliver some of his mail. Perhaps it was the hot summertime, like we’re experiencing now. Maybe the mail was heavy; maybe he wanted to quit his route just a little early each day. In any case, there were eventually complaints about mail not arriving, and they traced the problem back to Frank. When the postal authorities investigated, they found the mail that was missing. Most of it was in Frank’s attic. You see, over a six-year period he stashed away 15 tons of other people’s mail. They discovered over 1200 bags of undelivered mail in Frank Sosienski’s attic.

While much of that might have been “junk mail,” we are still shocked that a person whose life is defined by the motto that declares a clear dedication to a task can so easily walk away from his commitment.  Yet I wonder if we know that this is how we look to our Lord?  We have made a commitment that, no matter the cost, we will follow Jesus.  And then, when trouble or inconvenience or hardship or just a better offer comes along, we hide our commitment in the attic and go live however we choose.

It is easy to lose heart and grow weary in well doing.  But we must remember that we have been called to an important task, one that affects many others in its wake.  Let’s “stay at the stuff” of delivering the message God sent us to bring, remembering that at the end of the day

… a lost world is waiting to hear.


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