Update on Pam

Beloved Church Family,

We are so appreciative, again, for the countless offers of help and your unceasing prayers on our behalf. We thank God constantly for you. Believe me your prayer matters!

It has been difficult to write sometimes because we are still in the early stages of absorbing exactly what we are dealing with and what recovery is going to look like. We know that time and effort, and the healing grace of God will help recover what has been injured in surgery.

In the meantime we are fully in the rehab process at Brooks. Pam is doing well and making progress according to our team. We are both weary as would be expected… and sometimes discouraged. “But we do not lose heart.” Our timeline to return home is Friday week.

We miss being with you, our church family, very much and eagerly look forward to our return. Hopefully I will be back in the pulpit Mother’s Day.

Our therapy team has asked us to limit contact with visits for a while longer as we continue to assess Pam’s condition. Some symptoms will subside when swelling does and some medications are discontinued. Others we will have to wait and see. We have been assured by her physician that most of the effects caused by surgery will be resolved within three months.

We also are awaiting outcome of final pathology from Mayo and that certainly is a matter of prayer.

Many, MANY have asked “what can we do?” and certainly prayer is the first response. But in a week or so we will return home and need our family… YOU… to stand with us in the next steps forward.

You are an amazing and caring church body. We could not imagine going into this trial without you! Thank you for loving us, praying for us and standing with us as we continue to seek honor and glory for our Savior even in this.

He is a good, good Father.

Pastor Tim and Pam


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