Maynard Family Update 05/02/17

Beloved Church Family and Praying Christian Community

Today has been a day begun with disappointment and ending with some difficulty but along the way the hand of God is still guiding. This we know. Our plan, we thought, was to go home this morning. Immediate modifications had been made to our front door with a ramp, and a newly renovated shower to accommodate Pam’s immediate need for a wheelchair. Great friends in our church saw to that.

Our bags were packed and sitting by the door when the doctor came to visit our room and shared with us his belief that, given the progress Pam had made so far, a few more days of intensive therapy in Brooks would be very advantageous to her recovery. With some disappointment, we agreed that, if a few more days here would help, we are in.

A few years ago a popular Christian tune stated that changing one letter in the word “disappointment” then became HIS appointment. We believe that to be true. So we changed the letter and buckled in for another week.

It was a blessing and encouragement over the weekend to have family visit from Ohio as Pam’s little sister came to see us with her husband. Pam’s mom, Shirley was released from the hospital in Ashland which was a great relief. I even found out late yesterday that the sofa I have been sleeping on since we have been here was brand new! I’m the first to break it in. Thankful that it hasn’t broken me.

Last night we watched the Celebration of Joy service via livestream and the message of finding joy, not happiness, zeroed in on our hearts. We wept as God broke us by speaking right into our room through Dr Kinchen.

Along the way, other blessings have come in the form of a helping friend who has “adopted” us and made herself constantly available to work with Pam when the therapists here are not. And then, though not actualized yet, there’s the “meal train.”

As the day unfolded some of our newfound enthusiasm in the hopeful report from the doctor was tempered as Pam had a recurring migraine that actually appeared first at 8:30 on Sunday and has continued in clusters throughout the day. It has been a painful experience for her especially since the normal meds they use wasn’t resolving them. The origin is still a mystery to everyone but God.

However, as the Sovereign and loving hand of our good, good Father continues to orchestrate events, we learned that our doctor here is one of the leading specialists in the country in migraine treatment! He has researched and written numerous journal articles. If we had gone home and this had happened, it would have been awful.

I write this in the darkness of our hospital room as Pam at last is sleeping comfortably, and I am remaining awake to pray for her. It was then I learned that hundreds of believers have joined in this part of the battle to pray. We are simply beseeching the Lord for the pain to subside and rest to overtake her through the night. It has overwhelmed me to see the Christ followers across the nation and the world take part in this battle… and I truly do not know how to say thank you enough.

We have seen throughout the day how God turns disappointment into His appointment. Maybe you’re there right now… sitting in the darkness wondering what is happening in your life… your tears… your disappointment.

I trust that you will join me as we wait and see what God is up to… sometimes in our joy, and other times in our tears and fears. He has a plan… an “appointment” for you. Trust Him in it. We are seeking to hang on to what we know of God’s character and love… even if His appointment may seem to you right now to be disappointment. He won’t fail you. He will not let you go.


With great love,

Pastor Tim


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