That we pray…

THAT we are praying is far more important to our Father than HOW we are praying. WHY we are praying outstrips how long we are praying in significance. And to WHOM we address our prayers means more than where we pray.
Visiting St Patrick’s Cathedral during our trip to New York last fall was profound,  impressive and impactful. The front of the cathedral was cordoned off from the rest of the massive complex to allow room for the faithful to pray.  Candles could purchased and offerings given to gain Gods special attention.
And yet if we understand Scripture correctly God’s ear was equally if not especially inclined to hear the prayers of the homeless woman on the front steps or the young business man hurrying down the street praying for his family as he passes by out front. God, you see, will not be manipulated by our posture or position. His concern is not with the physical address from which our prayers originate but with the condition of the heart which is praying.
This is the wonder, the mystery and sometimes the frustration of prayer for us. We want prayer to be a formula to get our needs met.   God calls us into relationship that through it He may meet our deepest need…
The need for a Father.
But you when you pray go into your closet and close the door .  Your Father Who sees in secret will reward you openly. (Matthew 6:6)

FOR REFLECTION:  Try and be aware today of God’s Presence in unlikely places and circumstances.



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