Prayer that Prevails 05

My early days as a new Christian were filled with the music of the infancy of the Jesus movement: Keith Green, Second Chapter of Acts, Barry McGuire, Phil Keaggy and Pat Terry albums filled the spindle of our stereo system.

Many of the songs were happy, melodic, and the foundation of modern worship music. Some were prophetic and some had social conscience. I was reminded the other day of a song written by Pat Terry. And as we have seen recent violence across our land, the song seemed very timely. It was called “In My Dream”

I saw it in a dream last night
The world was acting strangely right
Black and white, left and right
Living in perfect harmony

There was no violence in the streets
The smoke had cleared and the air smelled sweet
And drums of truth, beat loud and clear
The rhythm for our feet

In my dream

There was a policeman on the corner
Who had laid his badge aside
Because the law lived in the hearts of men
Instead of fear and pride

And the parents loved their children
And the husbands loved their wives
And the ones worn down, kicked around
Saw the value in their lives

In my dream

And the spires atop the churches
Shone like spaceships in the sun
With altars for their launch pads
And room for everyone

And the earth bowed down in unison
Christ was on His throne

In my dream…

As believers, we pray, we hope, we work towards a world where “the earth bows down in unison” to the King of Kings. Until then we endure racial violence, murders and warfare, injustice and suffering.

But the good news is, it isn’t a dream. The Kingdom is coming. Our despair will turn to hope.

And the dream will become reality!

FOR MEDITATION: And the wolf will lie down with the lamb… and a little child will lead them. Isaiah 11:6

FOR REFLECTION: A day of peace and racial harmony and reconciliation will come to earth, but until then we live in the “not yet” of the Kingdom of God. Though we are in that “pause” before the final consummation, we still must live to see a world where hatred does not win. How are you working and praying toward that end?


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