The Red & The Blue

We have now officially entered the most volatile, election season in my lifetime, if not our nation’s lifetime. Even the vitriolic and acerbic comments that flew back and forth from newspaper headlines to pulpits to public debates between candidates preceding the days of the Civil War are paling in comparison to what is happening today.

With the forward movement of social media, the commentary is not limited to TV ads or newspaper editorials or radio spots. It is now ever present with us; on our phones, and computer screens. It seems the onslaught is relentless and toxic.

In the midst of this, the Christian community has a role to play. We are to be Light. We are to be Salt. We are to be… different.

But are we? Can a lost world see the difference in what you are saying and how you are thinking about this election? Is it possible for you to disagree with another person without needing to destroy them because their opinion differed from yours?

Our country has seldom, if ever, been more divided than it is today. There are not clear and easy choices to be made. But there is one thing that is certain. Our witness… and our vote… matters. Our vote matters because we are citizens of America. We have an obligation to exercise, as the world watches, this amazing privilege we have of electing national leaders.

But our witness matters even more. We are people with “dual” citizenship. We have an obligation first of all, to another kingdom… one that Jesus said, “is not of this world.” And our testimony for that King… and that invisible Kingdom… must remain before us as our priority at all times.

Simply put: we dare not surrender our testimony as ” ambassadors for Christ who are to, by the mercies of God, appeal to all men to be reconciled to God” for the sake of forwarding our political agenda in a temporary world.

So before we press “send” on that next tweet or post a Facebook message designed to communicate a political message in a less than civil way, ask yourself one important question…
What will the King say?

FOR MEDITATION: We are therefore ambassadors for Christ….    2 Cor 5:20

FOR REFLECTION: How can you bear witness to the Heavenly Kingdom through the controversies of this election cycle? Can we let our light shine in the confusion of our day?

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