Life’s Storms

It seems in Florida we are always dodging one storm or getting over another. That’s just the trade-off for living in paradise… right? But there’s nothing fun about a storm, even for those who “whistle through the graveyard” by planning hurricane parties while others flee in fear.

A storm the size of the one spinning to our southeast in the Atlantic and heading toward us is a game-changer. It is already altering lives in the islands to our south, and our family has already been struck down by this event. We pray for our “kinfolk” in Haiti, Cuba, and the other Caribbean islands in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Storms remind us of some things with great clarity:

There’s something… or someONE out there bigger than us. They have a way of making us feel very small and very out of control. This storm has a sort of twisted “beauty” to it in its perfectly formed eye wall. The views from space and even within the storm itself are stunning… and terrifying.
There’s something terribly wrong with our world… sin has wreaked its havoc on humanity but also on nature. There was no day in the creation account where God created hurricanes. This is nature gone wrong… horribly so. “All creation groans…” we are told in Romans. And this is one dimension of that groaning.
There’s someone who IS bigger than the storm… whether this one or one that you may be confronting personally in your life. The same One who created water and waves can bring peace… even in the midst of the storm.

So in the coming days and hours, let’s learn a lesson from Simon Peter. As long as our eyes are on the storm… we’re sunk. But when our eyes are fixed on Jesus, even as the storm howls…

… we will know perfect peace!


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