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Several have requested that I post the poem I used on Sunday about persistence. I have done so below. It is, without a doubt, one of the most needed challenges of our day, as so many find themselves fighting battles of discouragement and are about ready to give up. We need to hear the words of the anonymous poet who wrote this.

I want to let go, but I won’t let go
There are battles to fight
By day and by night
For God and the right
And I’ll never, never let go.

I want to let go, but I won’t let go
I’m sick, tis true
And worried and blue
And worn out through and through
But I’ll never, never let go.

I want to let go but I won’t let go
What? Lay down in the field
Surrender my shield?
No, I’ll never let go.

I want to let go but I won’t let go
Let this be my song
Mid legions of wrong
O God keep me strong
So I’ll never, never let go.

These words could be spoken by many… those who continue to hang in there through the rigors of chemotherapy or the routine of rehabilitation or on the heels of battling an addiction. They could be spoken by an aging saint or a discouraged college student; by a CEO in a corner office or a maintenance woman who works in the basement. The words would resonate with a couple struggling in a marriage or parents with a special needs child. We all need encouragement and the constant reminder to never, never let go!

FOR MEDITATION: …so we labored in the work.               Nehemiah 4:21

FOR REFLECTION: How do you need to be encouraged today? Find a way to surround yourself with encouraging people, music or thoughts. Pray for God’s grace to hold you and never, never let go!

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