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When asked what is the most indispensable characteristic of a leader that people want to follow, humility will inevitably rise to the top of the list. The most loved iconic leaders in American politics and in business were known for a humility of personality and character that made them winsome, approachable, and pleasant to be around.

Some of the greatest leaders of our nation were humble presidents who were not afraid to admit they did not have the answers and who would move quickly to prayer. I think what attracts God’s attention most to a person, a church or a nation is the willingness of people to be humble.

When God calls His people, those “called by My Name,” to prayer He adds a prescriptive phrase first: “If My people……humble themselves and pray…” If we are truly His people, called by His Name, it is not hard for us to express that relationship with the humble response of prayer.

In yesterday’s blog I made the assertion that prayer does not show doubt as some have claimed but it does show DEPENDENCE. We pray because we are dependent upon God to shine His Face toward us; to send His Spirit upon us; to give us heavenly wisdom to guide our lives and our nation toward safe harbor.

But we will not humble ourselves. Our spirit of independence makes us self-reliant, even if we have to destroy our lives and our others to prove that we are “Master of our own fate and Captain of our own souls.” (From Invictis)

The Bible says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God and He will life you up.” There is something consistent about this characteristic of leadership that transcends even time and cultural expressions. Moses was “the most humble man who ever lived” says the Bible’s testimony. Jesus refused to wear any title gladly but “servant.” A wise leader and an obedient follower of Christ was always self-select humility.

A leader is, above all else, humble. And it is the prayer that is offered in a spirit of humility that God will be pleased to hear.

FOR MEDITATION:   Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up.   James 4:10

FOR REFLECTION: Can you ruthlessly abandon self-reliance in your life? Is there a spirit of independence that characterizes you that pushes you further from God?

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