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UPDATE:  Connect Groups will resume gathering on campus Sunday, September 13!

  • Please wear a mask when inside a building. When social distancing is possible inside a classroom or Worship Center masks may be removed.

Connect Groups at Fruit Cove provide the best way to build relationships with other people in our church. The focus of these groups is to Connect With God’s Word, His People and His Mission. Click on the day/time below to check out all of our Connect Group options!

Sunday 9:30am Adult Connect Groups (click to expand)

Median Adults

Encouragers- Building 1  (Ray Dobelstein)

Coed class late 40s+. Studies are topical focusing on class participation, relating scripture to everyday life.

Liberty Class- A106 (Johnny Bosley)

A class designed for current military, veterans, first responders, and civil servants as well as friends, families and supporters of our core focus group

Parents of Students and Empty Nesters-  COVE Lakeside (Lance Hemmer)

A class of parents of high school students, college students and empty nesters.

Adult 4- ROC 302  (Bruce Markert)

A mid-size class of 40- & 50-somethings. Class style is Q&A.

Berean Class- ROC 304 (Bill Warne)

A large class of multiple life stages using a lecture with discussion and Q&A style.

Senior Adults

Anchor Class ROC- 201 (Roger Minard)

For single and married senior adults 55+. Lecture-based, intended to provide a deep analysis and understanding of God’s Word.

Joyful Truth Seekers- ROC 202 (Kathy Curtin)

A class of ladies, mostly 60 & above. Lecture based celebration of God’s daily work in our lives.

Unity Class- ROC Fellowship Hall (Dick Vanderlinde)

A large, co-ed class of empty nesters 60 & above. Lecture style.

 Warriors For Christ- ROC 205  (Ralph Curtin)

A smaller co-ed class (15-20 members) of empty nesters 60 & above. Lecture style-discussion.

sunday 11am adult connect groups (click to expand)

Young Adults

Young Families- ROC 201 (Jeff and Michelle Crick)

For families with young children.

Undivided (Singles age 30-45)- ROC 302 (Dave and Allison Cass, Brandon and Alana Lingle)

A class for singles in their 30s to early 40s.

College-  Annex 103  (John & Natasha Kohlmann and Ike & Windy Keene)

A group of young adults experiencing college and still find time to serve in missions and ministry in our community and world.

Young Professionals- COVE 1 (Chris & Jennifer Jessup and Dale & Paula Jessup)

Young adults just beginning their professional careers.

Young Married Class- ROC 304  (Rick & Cathy Lentz, David & Sandy Fann)

For families with young children.

Connecting Parents- A106 (Hank Wilke)

Families with children of all ages.

Median Adults

Love In Action ROC Fellowship Hall (Chris Johnson and Mike Degutis)

A large group of varied backgrounds, ages 40-60 who want to experience God through Bible study.

Feeding Your Faith- ROC 205 (Dustin Kanady)

Spiritual nourishment to feed believers from all seasons and walks of life.

Parents of Middle & High School Students-  COVE Lakeside (Bill Turner, Mike Spell, Michael Osborne and Matt Mercer)

A class of parents of elementary, middle & high school students. Interactive style Bible study.

Maranatha- Building 1 (Jerry Smith)

A class of mid-30’s to mid-40’s parents of school-aged children. Discussion based study of books of the Bible with focus on application.

Woman 2 Woman- ROC 303 (Peggy Weeks)

Bible Study for Women  (ages 30-60) Facilitated Group Discussion in a small group setting.

Senior Adults

Agape- ROC 202 (Gary Wilder)

A mid-sized, coed class of 55+ married and single adults who are mostly empty-nesters. Discussion based study of books of the Bible with emphasis on life application.

weekday connect groups

Wednesdays (beginning October 7)

Single Moms- ROC TBA (Denise Hodges)

A group for single mom’s designed to help participants connect with God’s word, other single moms and God’s mission.


Launching October 7, 2020!

D-Groups (Disciple-making groups) are closed groups of 4-6 men or women (gender specific) that meet 60 to 90 minutes on a weekly basis over the course of 12 to 18 months. Each week these groups strategically focus on five areas that guide the group’s time together: Studying the Word, Hiding God’s Word, High-level Accountability, Praying Together, and Keeping an External Focus (SHAPE). These groups are organic in nature with the goal of intentional multiplication as disciples make more disciples. 

If you are interested in more information about D-Groups and how you can be invovled email

Room Requests for Connect Groups (August 2020)

  • Beginning August 3 groups may begin meeting only after approval of request and room assignment is made
  • Rooms are available Monday–Friday, 9am to 9pm
  • No childcare will be offered
  • Rooms will be assigned based on the number of participants expected and on space usage to manage cleaning and utilities
  • Maximum occupancy for each room will be posted on doors, groups are expected to abide by this number
  • Rooms will be set up with social distancing guidelines in mind. Group members are expected to abide by 6’ social distancing guidelines
  • Groups will be expected to abide by current local/state mandates regarding masks/face covering
  • In order to be a totally handsfree experience for participants, group leaders will need to be in place to open doors to building and classroom
  • No food or drinks in rooms
  • Do not pass around nametags or handouts
  • Each group will be required to clean the room with provided cleaning supplies after each use
  • Class attendance (first and last names) report will be sent to gayle@fruitcove.comwithin 24 hours of the class meeting (in order to track potential exposure to COVID-19)

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