Gratitude.  We all run low on gratitude.  Either we are low on RECEIVING gratitude that we may feel (sometimes grudgingly) is owed to us or we are low on the GIVING end (as Jesus found nine of the ten healed lepers being).

Gratitude.  There’s a shortage going round.  One of the key (overlooked) signs that we are in the last days is the sign of a shortage of gratitude!

Gratitude.  It’s not a take it or leave it commodity.  Our relationships grind to a halt, or at least to a friction-filled slowdown, without it.  Being thanked once in a while really is important.

Gratitude.  We have much to be grateful for.  On a recent return trip to our country, I found myself reflecting more than usual about how grateful I am for our freedoms, our privileges, our security, and our access to so many blessings.  I found myself overcome by gratitude.

Gratitude.  It’s one thing to feel it…another to express it.  If you are grateful, tell the person to who you are grateful.  If you appreciate what another does or says, let them know you really do appreciate them.

Gratitude.  The Son of God knew that He had done something that deserved appreciation, respect, gratitude and applause.  And maybe the nine lepers who walked away with newly regenerated skin were grateful.  They just didn’t say it.  Isn’t that just as bad?

Gratitude.  Teach your children to be thankful, parents.  Show them what it sounds like.  Expect them to EXPRESS it when you do something nice for them.  Maybe they’ll pass it on to others.

Gratitude.  Don’t leave home without it.  Someone is waiting on it…today.

“Give thanks to the Lord….for He is good.”


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