Game Changers

Living in the Big Blue Nation this past week, I have been forced over and again to relive Kentucky’s painful loss last weekend (31st time in a row) to the Florida Gators. Our last minute failure to cover an open player cost us the game. That was by definition a game changer.

But some game changers have higher stakes. (We’ll get ’em next year!) These “game changing” moments take lots of shapes and forms. An illness has changed the game for some. A hurricane for others. Perhaps a death. But when these moments come, life changes for a while or maybe forever.

We can’t avoid these moments. They come at us unexpectedly, without warning or notice. But everything changes in their wake. And sometimes what they leave behind is fear… of the unknown, of the uncertainty of the future.. even of survival.

Someone has said, “fear is a condition, but trust is a decision.” In Psalm 56:3, we read, “When I am afraid (condition) I will trust in You (decision).” You can’t keep conditions that generate fear and uncertainty from coming into your life.

But you can make the biggest game changing decision of all:

Choose to trust.


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