Firsthand Faith 12

A wife and her husband seemed to be in constant conflict, complete with shouting matches the neighbors would hear. But in spite of this, she continued to fix his lunch before he went to work in the morning and kiss him goodbye on the front steps.

Finally a neighbor asked her, “why do you do it?” The man treats you awful, and yet you make his lunch every day. The wife’s reply was classic. She said, “My husband wants to be a body builder. He’s a security guard, but sees himself competing in world class championships. So I fix his lunch, and I put full on mayonnaise on his diet turkey sandwich, I put sugar in his low fat yogurt, and use half-and-half milk to make his smoothies. He can’t figure out why, no matter how hard he works out, he keeps gaining weight!”

We must be aware of our intake. Doctors tell us to watch our calories and fat; the Bible tells us to watch what we feed our mind and our soul. Intake will determine output. And a diet of deception will weaken us and ultimately weaken and sideline us spiritually. Be careful what you hear, what you read, who you listen to.

John tells us that we have a responsibility to “know” what’s going into our minds and spirit. But God will guide you by His Spirit, His “anointing” on you if you will listen. There are those, even from religious perspectives, who would poison you slowly with their added “ingredients.”

Ultimately, you “know” what is true or false. God has made sure of that by giving us His Spirit. Tune in. Lock in. Listen. Get regular intake of God’s Word. Filter falsehood.

And when you do, He will make sure you ultimately look like Him!

FOR MEDITATION: But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.    1 John 2:20

FOR REFLECTION: Get alone sometime soon and perform a ruthless inventory of what you are “taking in.” Make sure that what you are “taking in” is not “taking you in!”


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