Firsthand Faith 11

“They went out from us because they were not part of us.” 1 John 2:19

How do we keep ourselves from deception? It seems today there are so many appealing options and variations on religious themes. How do we know which one is true?

In a modern, pluralist culture in which there are many claims and proposed paths to religious belief there surely are those that intend to deceive

It happens all the time; a charismatic leader, a fanatic following, a mesmerizing service which guarantees an experience you won’t forget and suddenly our discernment goes out the window.

Doctrine takes a backseat. Belief gives priority to feeling. And before we know it, we’re victims of spiritual fraud; of religious identity theft.

“Test the spirits,” Grandpa John tells us in 1 John. If there is not a clear proclamation that Jesus Christ is God’s Son come in flesh, RUN. Don’t fall prey to a slickly-presented, religious agenda. Don’t give in to desiring a “spirituality” devoid of truth.

The complexity of our day demands it. The enemy of our souls, the devil, wants to lead you away and astray. Don’t give in. Be discerning.

And if you’re “shopping” in the religious marketplace the old adage still holds:

Buyer beware

“Father of truth, help our hearts to be attuned to Your voice and our minds saturated in Your Word. And help us in a world with too many choices to follow Your path. In Jesus our Shepherd we pray.”


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