Congratulations! Class of 2015

As we prepare to send our graduates out onto college campuses, into missionary or military service, into marriage and parenting and the reality of making a living and making a life, we do so with a mixture of tears and joy, fear and relief, confidence and questions.

Rest assured they feel the same emotional blend as you. Though their next few weeks will be filled with parties, gifts, well-wishes and celebrating;  they too have fears, anxieties, uncertainty and questions.

My prayer as a pastor is that those questions and uncertainties are not spiritual ones. My hope is that we have adequately prepared a foundation for them that will not shake under the assault of questions from unbelieving professors and friends. That they will remember the lessons and models of godly friends and teachers, mentors and parents. That they will not forget the “rock from which they were formed.”

And when the party decorations congratulating the graduating class of 2015 have been thrown away, pray that they will never lose touch with their roots as they begin to fly. That they will never lose touch with the family and church body that loves them.

And that, having done all, they will stand.


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