Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael, praying for the girls of an orphanage she operated in India, offered the following words:

Dear God, make them good soldiers of Jesus Christ. Let them never turn back in the day of battle. Let them be winners and helpers of souls; let them live not to be ministered to but to minister. Make them loyal; let them set loyalty high above all things. Make them doers, not just talkers. Let them enjoy hard work and choose hard things rather than easy. Make them trustworthy, make them wise for it is written: God takes no pleasure in fools. Let them pass from dependence upon us to dependence on Thee. Let them never come under the dominion of earthly things; keep them free. Let them grow up healthy, happy, friendly, and seeking to make others happy. Give them eyes to see the beauty of the world, and hearts to worship its Creator. May them walk, Lord, in the light of your countenance. And for ourselves we ask, that we might never weaken. God is my strong salvation. We ask that we might train them to say that word, and live that life, and pour themselves out for others, unhindered by self78.
How we need these words to live again today in our children, that they may “pour themselves out for others, unhindered by self.”

And so may we do the same!


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