Before the Cross – Easter Devotion 19

Friday dawned. Jesus had been arrested, arraigned by a midnight, kangaroo court. Tried by the religious hierarchy and found guilty of blasphemy. The disciples had fled. Only Peter remained… denying. It was Friday, but Sunday was coming.

The religious lied… the government conspired… the governor buried justice. The soldiers drank. The crowd grew restless. It was Friday, but Sunday was coming.

The crowd grew larger. Angry words flew from the mob. Blows landed on our Savior. The mockers cried, “Crucify.” The Lamb was silent. It was Friday… but Sunday was coming.

Pilate struggled… politics ruled. Jesus was released to the soldiers to do as they pleased. Our Lord was beaten… stripes crisscrossed His sinless body… the blood flowed… the crown was forced on His brow…”Behold your king!” It was Friday.

A cross was prepared… cruel spikes were driven in hands and feet… He was lifted up and hung to die… a mother wept… the demons danced… “He who knew no sin was made sin for us….” It was Friday.

The sky grew dark… the Savior thirst… life was fleeing… questions flew into a dark and silent Heaven…”Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” It was Friday.

The evening approached… His lifeless body removed… his pierced side bleeding… no mercy found. It was Friday.

A burial was arranged in a borrowed tomb… the stone silently guarded the entrance into death’s darkness. It was Friday…

…but Sunday was coming.


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