Before the Cross – Easter Devotion 18

Easter is coming this weekend. Not the bunny. The Sunday. The people. You know… the resurrection!

I don’t know why the church acts surprised every year… company is coming. New people are arriving. Daily. A bunch of them will be here that day.

We know growth is happening. Already in a 48-hour window over 475 kids were registered for VBS. That’s more than twice the number last year after the first WEEK!! (Spoiler alert: we need teachers and helpers – sign up on line to work VBS

But we’re pretty sure, barring a nuclear attack by North Korea, that they’ll show up. So how will we receive them?

Two options:

  1. Like McDonalds. “Take your order? You’re really an inconvenience to us and we don’t care if you’re here or not. We still get paid the same.” (Been to that one? I have)
  2. Like Chik-fil-a. “So glad you’re here! How can we serve you? My pleasure!” And you know every time I’ve gone to Chik-fil-a I’ve wanted to come back.

People will leave our services having one kind of experience or the other. I hope they feel our pleasure that they came… not like they’ve been pushed through the drive-by.

And that they’ll want to come back.

FOR MEDITATION: “He who would be greatest among you should be servant of all.” Matt 23:11

FOR REFLECTION: What steps can you take to improve your serve?


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