Advent Day 25 – A Christmas Poem

The joy of the season is not in the light,
The twinkle and tinsel and stars, oh so bright.
The joy of the season means all this and more.
It comes from our Savior, so meek and so poor,

Who lay in a manger surrounded by hay
And worshiped by shepherds and angels, He lay
In the arms of His mother all lovingly say,
“What child is this before us we pray?”

How silently, how silently the humble Christ is given,
Whose body would be torn, and by spear and nail be riven.
No gift could e’re match the wondrous One,
Who lay in the hay on that first Christmas morn.

So as we sing, and celebrate the season
May we never forget to mention the reason
The joy of the season is not in the light,
But in the Christ child, born to us that night.

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