Advent 2016 Day 22


What an amazing string of names in Isaiah 9:6. From “Wonderful counselor” and “Mighty God,” we move to the third name connected to the coming Messiah and that is “Everlasting Father.” These were radical names attached to the One we would simply call “Jesus.” But each of these names describes some aspect of the nature and character of the child of Bethlehem.

Everlasting Father tells us some things about Jesus. He was not coming simply to be an ordinary ruler who would exercise power and authority over His subjects. He was going to be more than that… a protector, a provider… a “father.”

I am convinced the longer I am in ministry that most of the problems in our culture could be solved if we could deal with the issue of fatherhood in our men. Men in our culture tend to be individuals who either were never “fathered” in a healthy way (if at all, other than biologically), or men who were never discipled in their faith.

We can fix the part about not being discipled. It’s harder to address the issue of not being fathered. The fallen world around us has tried for decades to make the role of fathers in a family either unnecessary or as done poorly by some bumbling fool (think Homer Simpson). Sadly there are many who cannot say they knew their father at all, or if they did some wish they hadn’t. To fail in this role is a tragic failure indeed.

Jesus came to meet that need… in fact, to fill that void that some feel. If you had a wonderful, faithful father that you could love, respect and look up to, be grateful. There are many who do not. But if you are among those who did not, Jesus came to be an “Everlasting Father;” One who cares, provides, protects and doesn’t leave.

And just imagine for a moment being the child of a president or a king… a person in high office… who you could call “Father.” That is what we have in our Savior…

… an everlasting Father.

FOR MEDITATION: Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father. John 14:9

FOR REFLECTION: In some parts of the world, Santa Claus is called “Father Christmas.” This legend, derived from the story of St. Nicholas, expresses belief in someone who is bigger than life and full of benevolence and magical charm. But there is an everlasting Father who does exist. And it is that Father that Jesus came to reveal to us at Christmas!


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