Advent 2016 Day 23


Our world is anything but a world at peace. As I write this, the news headlines are still announcing the assassination of the ambassador to Russia in Ankara, Turkey, and the debris is still being cleared from the assault on a Berlin Christmas market, killing twelve. Refugees are fleeing the “conflict” (it’s a war!) in Syria being waged on the civilian populations there.

This kind of news runs the risk of numbing us to the pain and conflict of the world we are living in. We hear daily. We are a world in conflict, in turmoil. And peace seems nowhere in sight. One of the incredible titles assigned to Jesus in Isaiah’s prophecy was that He would come and be called “Prince of Peace.”

In a world torn by strife and conflict, warfare and turmoil, that title has a soothing and healing quality. When the angels proclaimed to the shepherds on the Galilean hillside that first Christmas the words, “peace on earth,” you know they heard those words with joy! Peace!

And yet, the life of Jesus seemed anything but peaceful. Everywhere He went it seemed conflict and enemies followed Him. But what we know is this: it was at the cross where peace was accomplished. Only when the enemies of humanity were defeated – sin, death and evil – could peace become a reality.

And Jesus came to bring us peace… real peace. Lasting peace. Peace between God and man. “God and sinners reconcile,” we sing. And He came to bring peace… to your life.

Where do you most need peace today? In your home? Your marriage? With your children? On your job? In your inner world? This “Prince of Peace” has come to rule over the chaos and to bring you the gift that everyone wants: a lasting peace; order in our chaos; eternal peace.

Only in Jesus is that peace a possibility and in Him… it’s a promise!

FOR MEDITATION: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace toward men….”    Luke 2:14

FOR REFLECTION: God wants us, first of all, to be at peace with Him. That is possible only in relationship with His Son, who is the “Prince of Peace.” Have you asked Him to forgive your sin, the things you do to bring chaos into your own life and into the lives of others? He will do that today if you’ll simply ask!


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