Advance 2020 #02

In an article from the London Telegraph dated November 4, a survey was discussed asking the question: Do you intend to pass along your religious faith to your children?

A full quarter of survey participants responded “No.” The majority of those surveyed claimed to be faithful Christians. The reason they gave for not seeking to transmit their faith to their children was “following their religious beliefs will cause them to be socially marginalized at school.” Translation: It will make my child unpopular if it becomes known they are religious.

If social intimidation becomes the criteria for not following Jesus, then the faith we hold dear is in jeopardy. In a world where people are saying yes to Christ at the expense of life itself, is fear of becoming unpopular really too high a price?

Worse, in the survey the participants were asked, “what do you tell your children about your faith?” The reply: Nothing. It never comes up.

While this survey was conducted in London, as an increasingly secular society, we are in great danger of the same thing happening.

This article tells us more about the faith of the parents than it does about the children. Does something that never comes up in family conversation…

…really mean that much to you?

For Meditation: “These things pass on to your children…. Deuteronomy 6:7

For Reflection:  How are you seeking to intentionally pass on your faith to the next generation?

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