Leadership 31 – Advance 2020

Note: The following was shared yesterday with the Fruit Cove Baptist congregation

By the year 2020, I would like for Fruit Cove Baptist to attempt to follow Jesus’ Great Commission in the following ways:

  1. By having 2,020 in attendance. We can accomplish this through an intensification of our evangelism (expansion) and our discipleship (deepening) efforts.
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Pray for Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the most important holidays for Muslims each year. During this month-long celebration, Muslims take part in a dawn-to-sunset fast in observation of the fourth of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims believe that fasting is an act of deep, personal worship, fasting cleanses the body and the discomfort they experience is … Continue Reading

A Spiritual Marker

In Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby writes about spiritual markers. He says “a spiritual marker identifies a time of transition, decision, or direction when I clearly know that God has guided me.” My first big spiritual maker happened in the summer of my eleventh year while I attended church camp. The theme for the camp … Continue Reading

Got Fruit?

For many people it is a very hectic season of life right now.  Christmas breaks have just ended for students and families are once again juggling the busy schedule between working all day and juggling multiple family schedules.  I know because I have been there!  With all this being said it makes me wonder…?

A Fresh Encounter

Few musicians have impacted my life spiritually like Keith Green.  Keith was Brooklyn born and raised and came to Christ at the zenith of the Jesus movement.  His death in the early 80’s hit me viscerally as though I knew him personally.  The songs he sang challenged me and changed me and spurred me to … Continue Reading

A New Year Prayer

At the beginning of December I began a personal study of the book of Psalms. I expected it to be awesome and super encouraging. The idea was to read through the book of Psalms in a month for my devotion time. First of all I didn’t finish, I have a few chapters to go but … Continue Reading

Teaching Preschoolers to Pray

“The only hope in making a long-lasting difference for God is to learn to pray”* How do children learn to pray? They first learn to pray by hearing their parents pray. Children as young as one and two can be taught to pray.

Prayer is talking to God. When praying with preschoolers, use simple words … Continue Reading