The Path to Christmas 09

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light!   Isaiah 9:2

I suppose, unless our eyes are limited, that we don’t spend a lot of time in the dark these days. No one enjoys walking into an unlit room, or out into a starless and black night. We are drawn to light.

And yet darkness holds an attraction for some in our world today. We are warned not to participate with those who do their evil deeds in the darkness. Some look for the darkness to hide their wrongdoing.

But darkness is more than just a room or a space without sunlight or illumination. It is a condition… a spiritual condition. Many in the world live in spiritual darkness, believing lies because they have rejected truth. They justify their wrongdoing with a cloak of tolerance, calling good evil and evil good.

Our world is dark in many ways… even in places where spiritual illumination and truth are plentiful. Light terrifies those whose lives are being lived in disobedience.

But another kind of darkness exists as well. People who have no hope live in darkness. People who have no direction for the course of their life live in darkness. People who live in ignorance of God live in darkness. And for them, Christmas brings the reminder… the Good News… that the Light has come!

Isaiah spoke a prophecy thousands of years before the coming of Christ to earth as a baby. He made a promise through the Holy Spirit that, no matter how dark it may now seem, the light is on the way.

And His name is Jesus.

Our Lord and our God, Jesus Himself told us that we are to be light in a dark world. He Himself was the light and we are to continue shining it as the world around us grows darker each day. May Christmas remind us, with the glowing lights of the season around us, that we are to be lights as well, shining the way for those who are searching… and even for those who are not. We pray that the people in our lives will no longer live in the darkness of a spiritual void, but that they will find the light of the world in Jesus. For His glory we pray, Amen.


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