There is a poem written a number of years ago about four blind men who stumble upon an elephant.  The first man feels the massive side of the animal and decides, “an elephant is flat and large like a wall.”  Another fell at the elephant’s leg, felt it, and determined, “an elephant is like a tree.”  A third blind man feels the elephant’s large flat ear and declares, “an elephant is like a fan.”  The fourth feels the elephant’s trunk and determines, “an elephant is like a snake.”  The point of the poem, of course, is that each of the men were partially right, though coming away with differing descriptions of the same animal.

That, according to the author, is the way it is with men finding their way to God.  One has one description, and one has another. But all are describing the same experience, with different personal interpretations based on their limited knowledge.  Since all of us are blind, the reasoning follows, then we are like the blind men describing an elephant when it comes to religion.

If we were truly like the blind men, then our search for God would be no more profitable or successful than theirs.  But we are not like them.  While we may be blind, we have a God Who Sees Who is searching….for us!  We are not stumbling in the darkness any more.  God has come, has sent His Son to seek and save that which was lost.

And by trusting in Jesus Christ alone, we can be found!



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