Finishing the Race

When young Bill Borden’s body was returned to the United States following his tragic death in Egypt, he only had one possession: a worn Bible. Upon opening it, his mother saw his name written on the inside cover, and a memoir of three statements that captured his life’s passion.

The first statement: “No remorse.” The date told her that her son had written this when he was told by his father, the founder of Borden Milk, that he would be disowned and cut off from the family’s fortune if he pursued his course of going as a missionary to Muslims in Egypt.

The second statement was dated on the day of his departure from America. It simply said, “No return.” Eerie in its prophecy, Borden looked out of the small plane’s window for the last time at American soil. He flew to his destiny in Cairo, Egypt on that day.

His final two-word summary of his life was written in shaky lettering, his hand trembling with fever from the meningitis he had contracted shortly after arriving for his mission in Egypt. It said, “No regrets.” A few days later he died.

All of us, I believe on some level, want to be able to look at our life’s run through the same lens as Bill Borden. We want to live a life where, as we look back when it’s time for our run to be over, we can say “no regrets.”

Run for the finish line. Know where the line is! Make sure that you are not simply running in the “rat race,” where only the rats win! Run so as “to win the prize” which is the “high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Make it your aim to know Him most of all.

And if you run like that, there will be “no regrets!”

FOR MEDITATION: Run in such a way so as to get the prize. 1 Corinthians 9:24b

FOR REFLECTION: As you take inventory of your life running in to a new year, are there things you are now invested in that will bring regret later? Is it time to let that go?


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