“The praises of Israel are your throne.” (Psalm 22:3, New Century Version)

Where does God live? That’s a question that, if you’re a parent, you have had to tackle at least once if not more often. And our answers vary. “Well, God lives in our hearts.” “God lives at church.” “God lives in Heaven.” On a sliding scale of “right” to “got no clue” we offer our thoughts to our curious little seeker.

But there is a correct response. The Bible answers it for us. God told David and his successor Solomon that He is too vast… to be contained in a building made by hands. He is also NOT physical, which means it is impossible to measure Him (at least by our metric).

While the Bible, especially the Old Testament, reveals where God does NOT live, it also reveals where He does. God inhabits… lives… makes His home in… the praises of His people. Perhaps the following verses will unpack this for us:

King James Bible:
But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
But You are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.

International Standard Version
You are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.

Where does God dwell? Where is God most “at home?” Where is God enthroned? Answer: “On the praises of Israel (His people).” While many other things are speculative, one thing we know for certain about heaven is that GOD WILL BE CONTINUALLY PRAISED THERE. We will join in a song that has been sung in eternity since long before our birth and will continue through the ages of timelessness.

One unknown writer describes it this way:

“Praise is where God lives. It is His permanent address. Praise is His home element. He is at home in praise.”

This settles one of the vast mysteries which accompanies praise. Why is it that when we praise the Lord things change so rapidly? Why does healing come on wings of praise? Why do human emotions undergo such transition when praise is the choice? How are we to account for those things that accompany praise? The simple answer is: while God is everywhere present, He is not everywhere manifested. He is at home in praise and being at home, He manifests Himself best as God… God has an affinity for praise. He is enthroned and liberated to act mightily in praise. ” (quoted in David Jeremiah My Heart’s Desire)

God is at home not because of location in heaven. There is no such “location.” He is at home not just because angels are present because they are present everywhere.

God is at home in our praise and Heaven is the place where praise is best and continuously given by the angels, the elders and the surrounding countless throng of people from every “tribe, language and race and tongue.”

And the place where God is truly and ultimately…
… home.


FOR MEMORIZATION: “You are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.” Ps 22:3

FOR REFLECTION: How can we bring Heaven down to earth today? What circumstances in your life need to be face right now with praise?


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