“Because, I said so!”

” Because, I said so!”

I wonder how many times, as a child, I heard the phrase: “Because, I said so”. You either know a “why?” kid, you have one, or you ARE one. To be honest, I was that child. The one with fifty million “why?” questions who drives you bonkers because I always have to know more, be assured that the world is logical, life is fair and things make sense. Many of you wonder how a precious child can be so awe-inspiring and irritating at the same time!?

Moms, I know that you struggle in those moments of frustration, and sometimes guilt, when you’ve reached your limit and you just shout out: “Because, I said so…and I KNOW because I’m the Mom!”

Suddenly, there’s some quiet and the wheels stop moving so fast in that little mind. You can see some relief due to your impressive, all-knowing, mom status and if you’re lucky…they’ll just believe you…for now. Sometimes the assurance of your word is enough to feel peace.

So, ladies, why don’t we listen as adults when God “says so”? We need to trust His word, with faith like a child. What does God say to us to give us comfort and peace, to assure us of our value and our worth?

[ezcol_1half]• We are Holy
• We are worthy
• We are chosen
• We are strong
• We are protected
• We are made in His image
• We are beautiful and lovely
• We are LOVED
• We are redeemed
• We are important
• We are enough [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end] 1 Peter 1:16
Psalm 8:3-8
Colossians 3:12
Philippians 4:13
Psalm 46:5
Genesis 1:26-27
Song of Songs 2:14; 4:7
Jeremiah 31:3
Psalm 130:7
John 3:16
Romans 5:8[/ezcol_1half_end]

And all these truths are just “because He said so”…

So, if you are looking for another go-to answer for your kids or even for yourself, try these out next time you don’t have the answers or the patience:

• “I don’t know why, but isn’t it exciting that we will be able to ask God one day?”
• Or “Let’s see what God says about that in the Bible…”

I have definitely grown, over time, to handle my own adult questions about the world and about life. I try to always seek God’s answers or His promises when I can’t make sense of things. His word is comforting and his promises fill me with hope. I recently heard a new Lauren Daigle song (You Say) that is absolutely worth a listen. I felt it was exactly what I needed to hear this week! Click the link Below to see the video:

Sometimes, even though we don’t yet have the peace or the answers, we just have to BELIEVE.

Believe what HE says; our Abba Father, our Creator, our King and Redeemer, our Heartache-Healer. Take comfort in His assurances and remember that our Heavenly Father is always faithful.

In Christ,

Kelley Warne


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