A Word from Pastor Tim 07/12

I find myself again needing to express the sense of gratitude that Pam and I feel for the continual stream of encouragement and the caring gifts of food, gift cards, and most of all, prayers from our beloved Fruit Cove family for Pam’s recovery.

We are literally overwhelmed each day knowing the body of Christ is reaching out to us and ministering in ways both visible and invisible. Knowing that prayerful vigils, thoughtful emails, cards and Facebook posts and wonderful meals are being offered to ease our journey in the wilderness of this experience brings grace in ways that you cannot imagine without experiencing it.

And we certainly could not fathom going through this trial without knowing that a faithful, church family is standing with us and kneeling before the Father continually carrying our burden to Him. Though our journeys out are becoming more and more difficult our hearts join yours in worship to our good, good Father as Fruit Cove gathers on Sunday. We worship and weep with you in praise to our Heavenly Father and Healer.

We are learning each day to look to God for our daily need, knowing that He promises renewed strength for each day as we trust Him to provide. Daily we are leaning deeper into Him, and know that “underneath are the everlasting arms.”

From devotional writer Andrew Murray, we are learning four anchor points to secure us:

  1. We are here by His purpose.
  2. We are here under His care.
  3. We are here for our training.
  4. We are here until His timing is fulfilled.

So we walk by faith and trust His heart and His provision and His purpose. Long ago we surrendered our lives to Him and gave ourselves completely to His control. We continue to do so.

And He has never, ever let us down.


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