A Renewed Mind

Last week we talked about how to have a “renewed mind” as an aspect of our daily experience of worship.  It is through that renewal that we are transformed into the image of Christ moment by moment and day by day, and not be conformed to the mold of the world. (Romans 12:1-2)

The primary means of transformation comes as we input the Word of God into our thinking, our relationships, our worldview.  There are actually five ways that we can get the Word into our lives:

1)   We can DELIGHT IN IT  everyday.

2)    We can MEDITATE on it often

3)    We can LISTEN to it preached


5)    We can READ IT and COMMIT IT to memory

Each of these methods are dealt with in the Bible.  It is the Word of God that is “living and active” that goes to work inside us, changing and transforming us into a new creation.  While the potential of that transformation is always there, making it a reality is up to our commitment to input God’s Word into our lives.

We are to be a people made new by the blood of Christ but we are also to have the mind of Christ.  “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus….”  Learning to think like Jesus, and thereby to LIVE like Jesus….is a lifetime pursuit and passion.

Let His Word dwell in you richly….and you will reap the dividends.  It will change you….



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