A Prayer for Inauguration Day

Our Sovereign and Holy Lord,

We stand today on the precipice of a new day in our nation. It is a day of change, of hope, of transition and in many ways, of transformation. As a free nation, we are grateful for the political process in which we are invited to be a part, imperfect though it may be, of calling forth a new leader for our land.

And we have done so – hopefully by the hand of Your Sovereign guidance, we have elected a new president. Our prayer for him going forward is that he may lead out of the storehouse of Your wisdom and not man’s. That he may lean more upon Your power than the powers of the world. And that he may lead us away from paths of unrighteousness and disunity and into a day of prosperity and peace as we honor You.

Though kings and men are set up as rulers, we know they rise or fall by Your good pleasure, and not our own. We follow the command of 1st Timothy 2:1-2, as we pray for “kings and all those who are in authority over us.” We pray that our new president will find himself often looking beyond his own resources and unto You as the only True and Living God for grace to lead this country.

We pray that You will guide, through him, this United States of America into a new day as we seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways. We know that rulers can be established by You to bring blessing or punishment… good or evil… and our prayer is that we will be a people blessed by You once more.

However, we know that blessing is dependent upon our turning from ourselves once again to seeking You… as the earliest founders of our Republic did. May we turn from the overt and unrepentant idolatry and evil that we have tolerated… and once again be a people of Your divine pleasure as we fulfill the destiny You birthed when our land was in its infancy.

And our Sovereign King, we have no right to ask any of this of You unless we are willing to turn once again in repentance to You… seeking Your face… seeking Your wisdom. You have blessed us and yet we have turned from You. Forgive us, O God.

We pray on this Inauguration Day, 2017, that a new beginning will be felt in our land… that we would grow intolerant of evil… and that we would be jealous only for Your Glory.

May this prayer be spoken in a spirit of humility and brokenness and gratitude for the privilege of being Christians in America. And may the power of Your Presence and the grace of Your Presence attend Donald J. Trump throughout his term of office.

And may this prayer be the first of many we will offer for our newly-elected government and officials that they may know they lead only by Your good pleasure and only as they fulfill the counsel of Your will for our nation. May they do so faithfully.

And may God bless the United States of America once again.

In Jesus’ name, our only true King and Sovereign, we pray.



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