Sunday School


Guests, please stop by the Welcome Center or one of our Info Tables for assistance in finding the right class.

Preschool World @ Fruit Cove

Preschool 9:30 & 11:00 am
(Birth through Kindergarten)

All Preschool guests  please check in at the Preschool Welcome Desk on the first floor of the ROC Building.

Fruit Cove KIDS

KIDS Cove Worship @ 9:30
(Grades 1st though 5th)

  • 1st Grade        B-102
  • 2nd Grade       B-103
  • 3rd Grade        B-105
  • 4th Grade        B-202
  • 5th Grade        B-204

Children’s Sunday School @ 11
(Grades 1st though 5th)

  • 1st Grade        B-102
  • 1st Grade        B-
  • 2nd Grade       B-103
  • 3rd Grade        B-105
  • 4th Grade        B-202
  • 4th Grade        B-
  • 5th Grade        B-204

All parents of elementary-aged children please check in at the Welcome Desk on the 1st floor of Bldg. B

Student Ministry @ 9:30 (Middle School only) and 11:00 (Middle School and High School)

Middle School guests check in at the Welcome Desk on the 3rd floor of the ROC.
High School guests make your way to The Studio above the Church Office Building.


Adult Sunday School Class Line Up @ 9:30

Young Adults
Parents of Preschool and Elementary Bldg 1 (Steve Chaffin)
A small group discussion format for parents of preschool and school-aged children.

Median Adults

NEW Empty Nesters ROC 305 (Lance Hemmer)

NEW Changing Lives (Women) Bldg 3 Room 3 (Missy Swann)

A mid-size ladies class ranging in ages 30-60+. Changing lives one woman at a time.

NEW U2 Singles Over 45 Bldg. A 106  (Doug and Cindy Goodroe)
Single adults with varying ages 45 and above.  Bible study and discussion.

Blended Families  Church Office Conference Room (Steve and Gretchen Henrickson, Howard and Peg Cogswell)

Adult 4  ROC 302  (Bruce Markert)
A mid-size class of 40- & 50-somethings. Class style is Q&A.

Berean Class ROC 304 (Bill Warne)
A large class (35-55) of multiple life stages. Study the Bible book by book in a lecture with discussion and Q&A style.


Senior Adults
Joyful Truth Seekers ROC 202 (Kathy Curtin)
A class of ladies, mostly 60 & above. Lecture based celebration of God’s daily work in our lives.

Unity Class ROC Fellowship Hall (Dick Vanderlinde)
A large, co-ed class of empty nesters 60 & above. Lecture style.

 Warriors For Christ  ROC GAMEROOM  (Ralph Curtin)
A smaller co-ed class (15-20 members) of empty nesters 60 & above. Lecture style-discussion.[/ezcol_1half_end]

 Adult Sunday School Class Line Up @ 11:00

Young Adults

Engaged/First 2 Years of Marriage  Church Office Conference Room (Ben Hensley)

College  Annex 106  (John & Natasha Kohlmann and Ike & Windy Keene)
A group of young adults experiencing college and still find time to serve in missions and ministry in our community and world.

Young Professionals Annex 105 (Chris & Jennifer Jessup and Dale & Paula Jessup)
Young adults just beginning their professional careers.

Young Married Class  Annex 103  (Rick & Cathy Lentz)
A mid-sized class of engaged & young married couples in their 20’s and 30’s with no children or very young preschool children. Interactive style of studying life issues and marriage from a biblical worldview.

Young Women  ROC 302 (Jill Bennett)
For ladies in their 30s and 40s.  Bible study and discussion.

Parents of Preschool and Elementary A 106 (Hank Wilke)
Young families with young children.



Median Adults
  Love In Action Class ROC  Fellowship Hall (Rich Pence)
A large group of varied backgrounds, ages 40-60 who want to experience God through Bible study.

Come & See  Class ROC 305 (David Rogers)
A large class of 40- & 50-something adults who are parents of children and youth.

NEW Parents of High School Students/Empty Nesters  ROC Game Room  (Dustin Kanaday)
A class of parents of  high school and college students an empty nesters.

Parents of Middle & High School Students  ROC 304 (Chris Norris)
A smaller class of parents of elementary, middle & high school students. Interactive style Bible study.

Smith Class  Bldg. 1 (Jerry Smith)
A smaller class of mid-30’s to mid-40’s parents of school-aged children. Discussion based study of books of the Bible with focus on application.

Woman 2 Woman  Bldg. 3 Rm 2 (Peggy Weeks)
Bible Study for Women –  (ages 30-60) Facilitated Group Discussion in a small group setting.

Celebration Choir & Orchestra (Jason Hodges)
A class of members varying ages

Senior Adults
Agape Class  ROC 202
(Gary Wilder)
A mid-sized, coed class of 55+ married and single adults who are mostly empty-nesters. Discussion based study of books of the Bible with emphasis on life application.