Word of The Father – Day 13

Words mean something. Every word we speak has weight, according to the Bible. Jesus, in fact, said that we will one day be judged by our own words! Our words say something about us. If we speak well, we will be perceived to be intelligent even if we’re not. Politicians and pundits and actors have learned this. If your communication skills are weak, it doesn’t matter what you know or how important your message, the hearer will often reject you.

Our words mean something. In Lewis Carrol’s imaginative “Alice in Wonderland,” the grinning Cheshire cat was asked what something meant that he had said. His response is classic. He said, “My words mean exactly what I want them to mean.” We know what our words mean. Words have impact.

Our words mean something. Ask the verbally abused child or spouse who is constantly terrorized by the words of an angry parent, or the bullied student who is contemplating suicide rather than face the ridicule of her friend’s words or posts on social media.

Words mean something. Sometimes words can build us up and other times tear us down. But words mean something.

That’s why it’s significant that when God wanted to say something that no one should miss, He sent it through Jesus. He is the articulation of the Godhead. The sermon that had to be watched, experienced, and related to. A message that could not, should not be garbled. There is no possible way that the Word of God could be misunderstood, mistranslated, or misheard.

And across cultures, across ages, across continents, and across history the Word of the Father still resonates and demands a hearing and ultimately a decision. Will you obey, or ignore? Will you kneel before Jesus, or stand unbending and proud…ultimately to be broken?

The Word of the Father now in flesh has appeared… and we behold His glory… the glory of the only begotten Son of the Father… full of grace and truth.

Words mean something. And no more important Word has ever been spoken or ever will be heard than Jesus.

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, glory of the only-begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.    (John 1:14)

FOR REFLECTION: How can you help others hear the message of Christmas more clearly this year?


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