Wait on The Lord

No one likes to wait. At least, no one I know. Few of us fight to get in the longest lines at the grocery, or gravitate toward the slowest moving lane of traffic. We don’t like to wait. By the way, if waiting really frustrates you, the quickest lines in the world are found in Sweden. Average wait time: 4.4 minutes. Just saying.

But really waiting frustrates us all. There is something inside us that’s always on, that needs to move to the next thing, that hates the idea of standing or sitting doing nothing. We are in a hurry. To do… what?

Whether we are waiting for a repairman to come for an appointment or a doctor’s office to call back regarding a medical test or waiting for your cup of coffee at Starbucks we want what we want… now.

That happens in our prayer life too. We don’t want to wait on the Lord. We’ve prayed. We’ve done our part. Why doesn’t He respond more quickly? H.B Charles in a little booklet on prayer told about a lady who had gone to a favorite produce stand to buy some grapes. There were several people in line in front of her, and the man who owned the stand moved them through rather quickly. But when she got to the counter to order her grapes, the man disappeared into a back storeroom.

After he had been gone for several minutes, the lady was fuming! She was a loyal customer… she wouldn’t go anywhere else for her produce but to him. How could he treat her like this?? She waited and fumed, and finally he reappeared and laid some of the most beautiful grapes on the counter she had ever seen!

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” he apologized, “but I had set these aside just for you when they came in this morning. I had to put them somewhere special where they wouldn’t get sold to just anybody!”

Sometimes God makes us wait. Nobody volunteers for it and few of us have any choice about it. But what we can choose is our attitude while we wait. Do we wait trusting… or fuming? Could it be that, as we wait, God is preparing His very best to give to us if we will just wait on the Lord?

“Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength….” (Isaiah 40:31)
FOR REFLECTION:   The next time you find yourself waiting for something, thank God for what He is preparing for you and in you.

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