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What Upward sports do you offer?

We offer Basketball with Cheerleading and Flag Football with Cheerleading

Do the boys and girls play together?

Flag Football is coed, meaning girls and boys will play on the same team.
Basketball is not coed, the girls and boys play on their own separate teams/divisions (with the exception of the kindergarten division which is coed).

Will my 2nd grader be playing with a 5th grader?

No; we divide the kids up into divisions with other kids around their grade level. 2nd graders may play with 1st graders or even 3rd graders but never any younger than 1st grade or older than 3rd grade. That is the same with every grade level from Kindergarten through 8thgrade.

When does the Upward Season Start?

Flag Football and Cheerleading – Registration starts in June, Evaluations are in August, Practices and Games start in September.

2019 Season details: Evaluation dates are August 17th and 24th. First practice will be Saturday, September 7th. First game will be on Saturday, September 28th.

Basketball and Cheerleading – Registration starts in August, Evaluations are in November, Practices and Games start in January.

2020 Season details: Evaluation dates are November 14th, 19th & 21st, 2019. Practices will begin January 4th, 2020.

When are Practices? Games?

Practices can fall on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays (depending on team placement, but will still happen only once per week). Games are always on Saturdays.

How long are the Practices? Games?

Practices and Games are one hour each. Practices run for 10 weeks and Games run for 8 weeks

How many times a week does my child practice? Have Games?

With the exception of two Saturday practices at the start of the season, your child will only practice one day a week; Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday and will only play one game a week on Saturday.

What time will my child practice?

Flag Football – Practices begin at 5, 6 or 7pm

Basketball – Practices begin at 5, 6, 7 or 8pm

What time will my child play their game?

This will depend on their grade, we typically begin with the younger teams first and work our way through the day up to the oldest division. Games usually begin about 9am and sometimes will finish into the evening.

Where are the practices held? Games?

Flag Football – Practices and Games will be held at the back fields behind the parking lot at Fruit Cove Baptist Church.

Basketball –  The majority of our middle school-aged children will have their practices at either Freedom Crossing Academy or San Juan Del Rio Catholic Church Gym. All Saturdays (therefore all games) will be at the Freedom Crossing Academy Gym. That includes the two Saturday Practices before games begin.

Girl teams up to and including 6th graders, and Boy teams up to and including 4th graders, will have their practices and games in the ROC Gym located on the Fruit Cove Baptist Church campus.

When does my child get their uniform?

Your child will receive their uniform no later than the first game of the season.

What equipment will my child need?

Flag Football – We will provide the flags, uniform, and wristbands. You will need to provide your child with rubber cleats and a mouth guard. We recommend buying more than one mouth guard!

Basketball – We will provide the uniform and wristbands. You will need to provide your child with tennis shoes.

What size football will my child use for Flag Football?

Mini  -  Kindergarten-1st grade
Peewee  –  2nd-3rd grade
Junior   –  4th-5th grade
Youth    –  6th-7th grade
HS Official - 8th-10th grade

What size basketball will my child use for Basketball?

Middle School Boys (Grades 5-8) – 29 1/2″
Middle School Girls (Grades 5-8) – 28 1/2″
3rd/4th Grade Girls - 28 1/2″
3rd/4th Grade Boys - 28 1/2″
1st/2nd Grade Girls - 27 1/2"
1st/2nd Grade Boys - 27 1/2″
Kindergarten Boys and Girls - 25″

What Goal Height will my child play Basketball?

Middle School Boys (Grades 5-8) – 10′
Middle School Girls (Grades 5-8) – 10′
3rd/4th Grade Girls – 9′
3rd/4th Grade Boys – 9′
1st/2nd Grade Girls – 8′
1st/2nd Grade Boys – 8′
Kindergarten Boys and Girls – 8′

What if my child can’t make the evaluation days; can he still play?

Unfortunately, Evaluations are mandatory. In an effort to create competitively even matched teams, the evaluation process is critical.

How many evaluation days does my kid have to attend?

Your child only has to attend one evaluation day.

Can I choose the day my child will be evaluated?

You can bring your child to any one of the evaluation days that we have scheduled.

How long does the Evaluation process take?

Anywhere between 30 – 90 minutes depending on the amount of players that arrive at the same time.

How do I register my child for Upward?

You can register your child on our Sports Life page at the Fruit Cove Baptist Church website at https://fruitcove.com/upward

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