“Thirsty.” That’s the only word Jesus really uttered. We have added the “I.” Dehydration was one of the cruelest aspects of the cross. Long hours of exposure to the Middle Eastern sun, loss of fluids due to perspiration and severe blood loss and the simple absence of compassion that would have offered Jesus even a drink of water during the long hours of trial after trial.

“Thirsty.” (John 19:28). The Water of Life… needing water. What a picture. The humanity of Jesus on full display. The One who filled every ocean with water; who caused the flow of cavernous rainstorms and who at one time, with a word, flooded the earth with water… thirsty.

Some merciful person ran to get a sponge filled with weak, soured wine and lifted it to moisten His lips and give a momentary relief to His parched tongue. His body had now been almost completely drained of life. Just a few more moments remained of His earthly incarnation before the end.

We want to turn away from this moment. We want it not to be true. The Son of God begging for a sip of liquid. How humbling, how humiliating. But how like our Savior who emptied Himself of Divine rights and privileges… of His ability to have washed Calvary hill away with a deluge of what He was asking from the hands of His tormentors.

But He chose to ask. And to wait. And I suppose had they refused, to have died without it. “He was made like His brothers….” “In all points like as we are, yet without sin.” Even to the point of being dependent on water.

“What wondrous love is this?”

Our Father, our minds are inadequate to grasp the depth and height and width and breadth of your love for us. Please open the eyes of our hearts and enlarge and awaken the capacity of our minds to absorb more deeply the truth of Your love for us. And thank You, Father, that because of Jesus we need never thirst again. Amen.


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