The Wonder of Answered Prayer

It was a Wednesday evening and we were driving home from church. Tracey was 4 years old and in the back seat. Our dialog went something like this:

Tracey: Dad, can we get a baby?
Me: Why do you think we need a baby?
Tracey: I would like a little brother or sister to play with.
Me: Well, it would be a while before you have a playmate. You know that when babies are born, they don’t do a lot except eat, sleep and… fill their diapers.

Tracey, giggled a bit in the back seat and after a few moments of quiet reflection, asked, “Dad, can we get a dog?” And with that, the conversation between us on this subject pretty much ended.

Not too many weeks later, Joan and I invited Tracey to join us on the couch in our family room. She sat between us and patiently listened as we explained that Joan was expecting our second child. Suddenly, she leaped off the couch, joyfully laughed, gleefully clapped and and excitedly danced around the room. Just as suddenly, she stopped in place and her face became serious. Then, as if the “connect the dots” picture became clear in her mind, her eyes grew wide and she softly exclaimed, “God answered my prayer.”

Yes, He did, Tracey, yes, He did.

I wonder how Isaac and Rebekah felt when God answered their prayer (Genesis 25:21)? Or Hannah (1 Sam 1:1-20)? Elijah (1 Kings 18:36-40)? Peter (Acts 9:36-42)? Paul (Acts 28:7-10)? Were their eyes wide with wonder and amazement? I wonder if they ever considered an answered prayer a routine event?

How about you? When was the last time you realized that God had heard AND answered your prayer? When was the last time your joy gave way to quiet contemplation over the goodness and wonder of the God of all creation taking a personal interest in you and answering when you called? Has it been too long?

Pause and pray: God, may I never lose the childlike wonder and amazement when you step into our lives and answer our prayers. May I always recognize Your work and worship You with joy and abandon. Amen.

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