The Red & The Blue 08

Our Great God and Father,

We stand these days in momentous and troubling times. Our nation faces a decision that will speak to the future direction of our political process for some time to come. We are a divided, disunited people… discouraged with the political process as it has gone forward in these months. We have shifted far from the foundation laid in the earliest days of our nation, when Puritans landed here in search of freedom of worship and freedom of expression. We have forgotten the sacrifices made by so many to purchase the nation we are privileged to live in, and have allowed its precious freedoms to be taken from us one by one.

And in the midst of this land, Lord, we Your people have ceased to call on Your name… to humble ourselves and pray…and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways. We no longer acknowledge that sin is sin and it grieves Your heart and betrays Your Holiness. We have trampled underfoot the plight of the unborn, the cry of the orphan and the call to give refuge to the immigrant among us.

We tolerate injustice… in the name of political correctness.
We tolerate impurity… in the name of freedom of expression.
We tolerate corruption in the highest offices of our land… and call it political advantage.
We disregard our laws… and call it individuality.

But You Lord, have eyes that see clearly. You see the vomiting of pornography into our land and You despise it. You see the grip of drug addiction raking our people and You long to set the captive free. You hear the weeping of the helpless child, sexually trafficked in our nation’s ports, and do not turn Your ear away.

And in the midst of this, Lord, we Your people have blended in making friendships with the world. We are silent when we should speak up. We are timid when Your Spirit was given to make us bold. We should be witnesses, but sadly we are not distinct.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. We want to live in a nation that honors You again. We truly do. Help us not to give up hope that such a day may come again… and may it come soon. There is too much at stake. The hour is dark.

Like Daniel of old, may we take our stand FIRST on our knees before You in confession…

And then stand before this world with the Word of Your testimony in our mouth.

God, we want You to make our country great again. We really do.

But first, make Your church…Your people… what we need to be and should always have been…

… before You.


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