The Path to Christmas 05

Of all the Christmas journeys we could talk about or point to, none compares to the journey our Savior undertook. We can by no means wrap our minds around what it meant to leave Heaven’s glory and journey to a world that would reject and kill Him… to occupy not a throne, but a virgin mother’s womb… to live as brother to people who would spurn His coming and not welcome it.

“The Word became flesh….” John tells us. Incredible! Unheard of! We sometimes gold-plate words like that. Let’s use another that equally conveys the message. How about, “The Word became soft?” That’s actually what is being conveyed. We are not born plated in iron or wrapped in armor. We are born in pliable, vulnerable skin.

We bleed. In the thick catalogue of superhero movies released in recent years, one of the movies portrays a battle between Superman and Batman. (Let’s get it out of the way… your pastor is a geek). There’s a classic and important line in the movie as these two, mythical heroes stand toe-to-toe. In one part, Batman in low, raspy voice asks Superman this question: “Do you bleed?” Maybe Superman doesn’t… but Jesus did.

He became “like His brothers in every way.” He became soft. Not weak, but vulnerable. Able to be hurt, by stones or whips or nails or words.

Because that’s what love does. It makes itself vulnerable.

God became… vulnerable. Not an untouchable “Superman” who lived outside of our world. But as a baby… fleshy… soft. One who would one day sweat and thirst, hunger and be heartbroken, bleed and die.

But not for Himself… for us.


“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us…..” John 1:14

Father in Heaven, we cannot imagine the journey that Jesus took to lay aside the robes of royal splendor, the glory of Your Presence, to come and live in our flesh. He was made vulnerable for us, and ultimately paid sin’s penalty in that body that You prepared for Him… a body that hurt, that suffered, that bled for us. We cannot imagine the journey…and we can never thank You enough for the gift He came to bring. We praise You for it today. Amen.


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